If you’re coming in cosplay…

If you’re coming in cosplay…

EGX is the home of gaming cosplay! Here is everything you need to know about Cosplaying at EGX, whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or just starting out.


  • Test your cosplay before you get to the ExCeL

  • Make sure you can walk around with ease, and (most importantly) that you can still go to the bathroom! 

  • Be cosplay conscious

  • Cosplaying does not include cultural appropriation or altering your natural skin tone. Additionally, please be mindful that EGX is a family-friendly event, so ensure your costume is appropriate for all age groups.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring some spare clothes to change into just in case. There is loads to do and see at EGX, so there will be a fair bit of walking.


  • Stress about it
  • Lose sleep over finishing touches. Focus on enjoying the show and playing games above all else!

  • Forget to read the rules. They’re there to keep everyone safe.

Looking for Gaming Cosplay Comps?

We are bringing back a reformatted ‘EGX Cosplay Championship’ to give cosplay crafters an opportunity to compete, supported with a £1000 cash prize and a trip to EGX next year!

Taking place on Saturday this year, after a casual Cosplay Catwalk. The EGX Cosplay Championships will be open to solo and duo entries of handmade gaming characters. 

Applications open Monday 14th August. Don’t forget to read the rules!

Not ready to take on the Championships?

Don’t worry we got you!

We will have the Cosplay Catwalk again this year on Saturday and Sunday at the show. The Catwalk is a casual, just for fun cosplay show, open to all ages and craft levels.Sign ups are on the day before 2pm at Cosplay Central.

On Sunday, we will also have a Craftsmanship Showcase giving competitive entries a chance to show off their handmade creations for a chance of a prize. Sign up online from 28th August.

If you need help at the show…

Remember that the EGX’s cosplay team are here to help!

Stop by the Cosplay Hospital in Cosplay Central, where there will be experienced team on hand to help you. Whether it’s glueing, sewing or taping your cosplay back together - included in your ticket! 

Just starting out?

Once you have narrowed down some cosplans, do some research and gather pics of the gaming character from different angles (if the game allows!). You can then start to write out what you’ll need to plan and build your cosplay! Remember to give yourself time for deliveries and testing.

There are loads of skills you can apply to cosplaying, and make sure to utilise guides and resources online. If you’re not confident making it from scratch, you can buy whole costumes, get bits from ready made clothes, or even make custom pieces by altering existing clothing; the possibilities are truly endless.