13-15 April 2018
Tobacco Dock,


22nd March 2017

Worldwide exclusive first play for Battalion 1944 at EGX Rezzed

Battalion 1944 will be available to play for the first time anywhere at EGX Rezzed thanks to Square Enix Collective, the game's recently announced publisher.

Battalion 1944 is an ‘old-school’ multiplayer WW2 shooter that recaptures the core action of classic multiplayer FPS games and propels WW2 into the next generation. During EGX Rezzed developers from Bulkhead Interactive will host relentless 4v4 matches of Team Deathmatch in the tight, focused, and competitive Manor House map.

Then on Saturday at 1pm Senior Producer & Designer Joe Brammer will take part in a developer session during which he will discuss what "old school" really is when it comes to shooters as well as looking to the audience for ideas, features and requests.

Those not at EGX Rezzed will be able to watch the live stream on Twitch or catch it later on YouTube.

This is the latest of many reveals for EGX Rezzed 2017, look out for further updates very soon! Tickets are available to buy here.

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