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27th March 2017

Rezzed Sessions returns with sessions on game development, marketing and journalism

The Rezzed Sessions stage is returning to Rezzed for 2017, offering a deeper insight into game development and the industry at large. Highlights this year include stories behind the creation of The Banner Saga and Overcooked, on-stage interviews with The Stanley Parable creator William Pugh and DayZ creator Dean Hall, and presentations on surviving Early Access, the return of WW2 shooters, and starting out in games journalism.

The stage is also hosting the first live show of the popular Crate and Crowbar podcast, and a fan meetup for leading YouTube channel Outside Xbox.

The full schedule of confirmed Rezzed Sessions is listed below, with final additions to be confirmed this week. Show attendees can see the final lineup and set reminders using the free EGX mobile guide, which is available for download now.

Thursday 30th March

12:30: Getting Your Game Funded Through Tax Relief

The BFI on how you can get a funding boost through tax relief - and you don't need to include red phone boxes, the Royal Family or Brexit.

14:30: Augmented Empire - Storytelling in Virtual Reality

Coatsink Games discuss the newly-announced Augmented Empire and the challenges of storytelling in the all-new frontier of VR.

15:30: Rocky Road: Recovering from War for the Overworld’s troubled launch

Bright Rock on how it fluffed its launch and spent two years recovering, with help from their own community.

Friday 31st March

11:30: How to get into games journalism

Eurogamer's Oli Welsh and Chris Bratt take your questions on breaking into covering video games as a career - and reveal the new Eurogamer internship program.

12:30 How Early Access is changing games: lessons from two releases in four years

The creators of Day of Infamy and Insurgency discuss the pros and cons of releasing an Early Access game and how the system has evolved since launch.

14:30 Audience Expectation vs. Developer Goals: When To Tell and How To Show

In a conversation led by the creators of Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation, Dean Hall (RocketWerkz – Out of Ammo), Paul Kilduff-Taylor (Mode 7 – Frozen Synapse) and Lorenzo Conticelli (LKA – Town of Light) discuss the highs and lows of pre-release buzz and weigh in on when it's best to tell an audience what to expect and when it works best to stand back and let the game do the talking. Hosted by Stace Harman, co-author of Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation.

15:30: Growing pains: how a stupid joke became a full-scale game

Where do indie games come from, Dad? Dad Quest developer Eric Winebrenner recounts the arduous quest of transforming one silly joke into a fully-fledged Dad themed adventure game.

16:30 The Crate & Crowbar Live

Join in the recording of the internationally-respected PC gaming podcast, hosted by Philippa Warr, Graham Smith and Chris Thursten.

Saturday 1st April

11:30: Digital Foundry Retro: Playstation vs Saturn

John Linneman and Rich Leadbetter sit down to discuss the great Saturn vs PlayStation battle from the viewpoint of the gamer and the journalist.

12:30: The Saga of The Banner Saga

Stoic's John Watson on how the company went from Bioware and Star Wars to Kickstarter and Vikings, creating a much-loved RPG.

13:30: Secrets of Game Design with William Pugh

Get some unique insights into game design from William Pugh, co-creator of the acclaimed The Stanley Parable and the top-rated Accounting VR. A hosted interview by Phillippa Warr of Rock, Paper Shotgun.

14:30: The Second Coming: The Return of WW2 Shooters

It's been ten years since Call of Duty switched to Modern Warfare, now WW2 is coming back. The creators of Batallion 1944 and Day of Infamy on why that is and what it offers.

15:30: The Making Of... Overcooked

Discover all the best (repeatable) stories behind the creation of the co-op culinary hit.

16:30: Outside Xbox Live

Meet the hosts of Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra, who'll be taking questions and signing T-shirts.

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