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20th March 2020

Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra are heading to EGX Rezzed

Already confirmed for EGX Rezzed 2020, Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra invite you to join them for meet and greets, live gameplay and Dungeons & Dragons. Tickets to their popular Oxventure D&D sessions go on sale on Thursday 28th November at 11 am.

The Dungeons & Dragons Oxventure began on the Outside Xbox YouTube channel and has been continued on Outside Xtra and live at EGX, PAX and VAULT Festival, chronicling the travails of Tiefling Warlock, Prudence (Jane Douglas); Half-Orc Bard Dob (Luke Westaway); Wood Elf Druid Merilwen (Ellen Rose); Human Rogue and pirate Corazón de Ballena (Andy Farrant) and clumsy Dragonborn paladin Egbert (Mike Channell). Everyone Else In The World will be played by Johnny Chiodini of boardgaming channel Dicebreaker, who returns as Game Master.

You can join them live from 16:15 on Friday 3rd July and 16:15 on Saturday 4th July in the EGX Theatre. Tickets are £20 each and will include entry into Oxventure show and an exclusive Oxventure pin badge. You will need an EGX Rezzed ticket to gain entry to these shows,and all tickets will be available on the EGX Rezzed ticket page on November 28th.

Please check back soon for the full schedule of the team’s EGX Rezzed’s appearances.

If you want to find out more, then make sure to follow their channels YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook and to follow DiceBreaker’s channels YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook.

Visit the What's on the page to discover everything that is coming to EGX Rezzed this March.

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