4-6 April 2019
Tobacco Dock,


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23rd January 2019

No Straight Roads is playable at EGX Rezzed

We’re delighted to reveal No Straight Roads as the next playable game for EGX Rezzed 2019! Next year’s event, taking place at London’s Tobacco Dock on the 4th-6th April, and you will get the opportunity to Fight the massive EDM empire as an indie rock band

Directed by Wan Hazmer, lead game designer of Final Fantasy XV, and Daim Dziauddin, concept artist of Street Fighter V, No Straight Roads was made with the intention of elevating the role of audio in game design without turning it into a rhythm game, and using strong visuals to tell a story of music cultures and ideals.

Your music can change the world in No Straight Roads. You can transform certain props into weapons with the power of music. Your play will also bring changes into the music, as it shifts between rock and EDM in a seamless and dynamic manner.

Music is under-utilized in game design. Everyone loves music, but not everyone can be a musician. They bring the harmony of music and video games to the masses, without turning them into a rhythm game. They do this by having the world follow the music within the context of a proper action game similar to Nier Automata, Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry; The only difference is that you have a huge advantage in this game if you understand the relationship between the boss attacks and the music.

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What are you waiting for, tickets starting at £20 are available right now

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