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17th February 2016

Leftfield Collection revealed

Today we're delighted to reveal the 22 games that will make up the Leftfield Collection at EGX Rezzed 2016!

As ever it's a typically eclectic mix of games; Knife To Meet You is a co-op game that asks players to work together to fill a progress bar while dodging a real world knife and being heckled by a rude display screen. Barbara-ian is an ANTI-RPG; a top down dungeon crawler with no inventory, no skill system and a hero with a single hit point of life.

Here's the full list of games:

  • Barbara-ian (Owlbear)
  • Burly Men at Sea (Brain&Brain)
  • Candy Ghosts (Candy Ghosts)
  • Dial Emma (Oubliette Entertainments - Fausto Fonseca, Mink ette, & Dave Aldhouse)
  • Disposable Heroes (Evilized Productions)
  • Electric Lullaby (Cupboard Games)
  • Fugl (muunluun)
  • Gardenarium (Paloma Dawkins)
  • If Found, Please Return (dreamfeel)
  • Insane Robots (Playniac)
  • Knife To Meet You (Robin Baumgarten, Jonatan van Hove, Armel Gibson, Aran Koning)
  • Nineties Cockpit Freakout (Giraffe Cat)
  • OASES (Armel Gibson, Dziff, Calum Bowen)
  • Orchids to Dusk (Pol Clarissou & Marskye, supported by KO_OP)
  • Outreach (Pixel Spill)
  • Pool Panic (Rekim Ltd.)
  • Reigns (Nerial)
  • Rituals (Tymon Zgainski)
  • RK3000 (René Rother)
  • The World Is Flat (Aubrey Hesselgren)
  • Time Is An Island (Graham Spence, Ste Curran)
  • Vignettes (Pol Clarissou, Armel Gibson & Pat Ashe)

EGX Rezzed will be here before you know it. Look out for more announcements very soon. In the meantime you can buy tickets here.

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