4-6 April 2019
Tobacco Dock,


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11th December 2018

Guntastic is playable at EGX Rezzed 2019

We’re delighted to reveal Guntastic as the first playable game for EGX Rezzed 2019! Next year’s event, taking place at London’s Tobacco Dock on the 4th-6th April, is the first opportunity for players in the UK to get hands-on with the fast-paced title.

Guntastic is an arcade-ish game involving shooting, mayhem, gore and yelling. Battle with up to four local or online players in incredibly fast, one-shot-one-kill, non-stop matches over levels changing every few rounds.

Guntastic blends arcade action with an over-the-top pixelated art style and retro soundtrack reminiscent of the coin-op games of the 16-bit era. Players take control over a roster of irreverent characters with a simple goal: annihilate their opponents using a vast arsenal of weapons, powerups and environmental traps that create spectacular ways to frag each other. But they have to be quick: every round only lasts twenty-five intense seconds – after which everyone who’s still alive is forcibly Killed!

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