13-15 April 2018
Tobacco Dock,


12th December 2016

EGX Rezzed 2017 - first playable games revealed!

Versus Evil will showcase multiplayer turn-based strategy game set in Victorian London, Antihero, and the alien themed survival shoot-em-up, Let Them Come, in addition to two as yet unannounced games at EGX Rezzed 2017!

Antihero is a fast-paced strategy game with an (Oliver) Twist. Recruit urchins, hire thugs, kit out your master thief, upgrade your guild and bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. How will you run your thieves’ guild in this gas-lit underworld?

Let Them Come is an old-school pixel art shoot'em up featuring unrelenting waves of enemies, ferocious boss battles and a huge arsenal of weapons which is yours to upgrade and customise. Can you fight your way out?

EGX Rezzed 2017 will be the biggest in the event's history with more space devoted to more playable games than ever before. BioShock creator and industry legend Ken Levine will open the event with a keynote speech on Thursday. Tickets are available to buy here.

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