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14th January 2020

Digital Storytellers Panel Session

Head to the EGX Theatre on Friday 27th March at 3pm as host Mel Phillips and panellists Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou (co-founder & art director, Polygon Treehouse), Goldie Bartlett (art director, Wayward Strand), Simone Tranchina (3D artist, ustwo games & Space Backyard), Jodie Azhar (CEO & game director, Teazelcat Games) and Xalavier Nelson Jr. (IGF-nominated dev for Hypnospace Outlaw) discuss the unique strengths, opportunities and pitfalls of storytelling in modern video games.

EGX Rezzed attendees will be able to catch the session at 3pm (BST) on Friday 27th March. The session will be live streamed on Twitch and available to watch later on the EGX YouTube channel.

What are you waiting for, tickets starting at £20 are available here

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