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10th March 2017

Creative Assembly to present Halo Wars 2 at EGX Rezzed

Designers Dan Brewer and Cassie Morgan from Creative Assembly will go in-depth on the development of Halo Wars 2 during a developer session at EGX Rezzed.

Entitled "How we made a game for everyoneā€¯, Cassie and Dan will talk about the challenges involved in designing for both hardcore RTS fans but also for players new to RTS games. They will cover topics including an introduction to Halo franchise, designing for both Console and PC, Halo Wars 2 leaders and playstyles and finishing by talking about the different game modes.

The session will take place on Saturday the 1st April at 4pm and will be live streamed on Twitch and uploaded to the EGX YouTube channel shortly afterwards.

This is the latest of many reveals for EGX Rezzed 2017, look out for further updates very soon! Tickets are available to buy here.

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