2-4 July 2020
Tobacco Dock,

EGX 2020 - 17-20 September


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18th March 2019

Circadian City is playable at EGX Rezzed

We’re delighted to reveal Circadian City as the next playable game for EGX Rezzed 2019! This year’s event, taking place at London’s Tobacco Dock on the 4th-6th April, is the opportunity for people to try this pixel art life simulation game that takes place in a big city.

It’s about happiness, stress management, life goals, friendships, and dreams. Dreams are playable as well. So, in daytime character goes to his jobs and earn money, goes out at night and makes friends. He eats, sleeps and tries to maintain a healthy, balanced life.

In dreams, however, the character finds himself in his subconscious where the world is filled with surreal creatures and machinery. He needs to farm, craft, build and manage to create a personality step by step from ideas and emotions. This personality type will help the character to find his purpose in life.

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