Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a silly question! Unless you're wondering if we really walked on the moon (we did). Well, I personally didn't walk on the moon, but you get my drift.

What is EGX Rezzed?

EGX Rezzed is a video games event brought to you by the team behind EGX. Although it's a smaller event than its older brother, it still features many of the attractions you love about our events; playable pre-release games on both PC and console (with a strong focus on indie titles), developer sessions by well known game designers and the opportunity to chat with developers on the show floor.

When and where is EGX Rezzed?

EGX Rezzed 2018 will take place on Friday 13th to Sunday 15th April at Tobacco Dock in London, from 10am-6pm daily. For more information on the getting to the venue head to the location page.

Are there any age restrictions for EGX Rezzed?

Visitors of all ages are welcome to attend, however, under 16s need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

EGX Rezzed will feature a number of 18+ rated games and developer sessions. Under 18s will not be permitted to play these games or attend these sessions even if they are accompanied by a parent.

Where's my ticket?

We operate an an e-ticket system. Once you've paid for your ticket you should receive an email containing your ticket almost immediately. If you haven't received an email please contact us. Please print out your ticket and bring it with you, it'll be exchanged at the registration desk for a wristband. Remember to check your junk mail folder! If you've lost your ticket please contact us and we'll be happy to re-send it.

I bought a ticket but now I can't attend. Can I have a refund?

Alas, we aren't able to offer refunds, however, tickets are transferable so feel free to give your ticket to a friend. If you'd like to change the day of your ticket please contact us and we should be able to swap it. Bear in mind that we won't be able to switch the day of a ticket to a day that has sold out.

Can I take food into the venue?

Unfortunately Tobacco Dock has some strict rules on bringing food into the venue. While it will be fine to bring in unbranded food (such as packed lunches), venue staff won't allow you to bring in meals brought from outside restaurants such as McDonald's etc. There will be a number of stalls from which to buy food at the event. Alternatively there are plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes nearby. You are welcome to leave the event and return at any point using your wristband.

I just bought a ticket or wristband on eBay / Gumtree / some dude in a pub...

If you purchased your ticket directly from our website you won't have a problem, however, beware! Tickets bought via third parties aren't guaranteed to be valid! Every barcode is unique, if you arrive at our registration desk and the barcode has already been scanned you will be turned away. Never purchase a wristband, it's almost certainly a fake.

When will ______ be announced?

We're working hard to secure the best games for this year's EGX Rezzed. We'll list everything on the website as soon as we can but please bear in mind that we need the go ahead from our exhibitors before we're able to reveal the goodies. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest developments.

Is there a show floor map I can take a look at?

There's a mobile app available for both EGX and EGX Rezzed. Please bear in mind that although the app is available to download now, the guide itself will not be released until a week or two before the event. iOS users can download the app here. Android users should head here.

I'd like to exhibit. Who should I contact?

Whether you're a large games publisher or an indie dev, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Fill out the contact form and we'll get straight back to you with a price list and more information.

What is the Leftfield Collection?

Since its inception in 2008 as the Indie Arcade, the Leftfield Collection has provided a platform for indie developers to show games and game-like experiences to the EGX audience. Exhibiting as part of the collection is free of charge, however, places are limited making the selection process highly competitive.

I'm interested in exhibiting my game in the Leftfield Collection, how can I make this happen?

We are now taking submissions for the Leftfield Collection. The submissions form can be found here along with guidelines on submitting your game and an FAQ. You have until the 19th January to send us your games.

Do I need a press pass in order to film, conduct interviews or take photos at the event?

No! Everybody is welcome to take pictures etc. Please bear in mind that some exhibitors may ask you not to film or photograph certain games and we ask that you respect their wishes.

Do you have an EGX Rezzed logo pack?

We do! You can download it here.

Can I cosplay at the event?

We love welcoming cosplayers to EGX Rezzed! Please use common sense when bringing weapons and props; no knives, replica guns or anything capable of firing a projectile. Security will check weapons and props as you enter the venue and may confiscate any items thought capable of injuring attendees for the duration of your visit.

What did this year's show look like?

Still Have a Question?

Please send a message via our contact page and we'll be happy to answer your query.