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Who’s coming?


17:00 - Tentacle Zone Incubator 2021 - Cohort Game Showcase

Meet the talented participants of the 2021 Tentacle Zone Incubator as they showcase their games to players. The Tentacle Zone Incubator is a four month virtual games incubator programme for early stage developers from underrepresented groups. Yaldi Games, Spider Lily Studios, Flightful Pear, Wordplay Games, Wabisabi Play, The Sea and the Forest, Clockwork Raven Studios, Gesinimo Games and MADE BY TITANS will all be taking part. Thanks to the support of the incubators partners - Tonic Games Group, Green Man Gaming, Creative Enterprise’s Creative England, UKIE and the University of Greenwich - the programme has flourished. Read more about the programme and this years founders here


Tentacle Zone Incubator 2021 - Cohort Game Showcase, brought to you by Payload Studios, will be hosted by Elle Osili-Wood and feature members of the Tentacle Zone Incubator Programme 2021

18:15 - Leading The Way: What's Involved In Leading A Team

If you are in charge of people, you're leading a team! Almost every game involves multiple people across different disciplines working together to produce the best game possible, but what does it take to successfully lead a team? Host Husban Siddiqi (Game Director at HUSKRAFTS) questions Robyn Murphy (Creative Producer at Kwalee), Alan Yeats (Technical Director at Pocket Sized Hands), and Paula Lucas (Art Lead at Ant Workshop) about the difference in their team, what they have done to lead their teams', and what we could all be doing to improve our leadership techniques.


Husban Siddiqi (Game Director at HUSKRAFTS), Robyn Murphy (Creative Producer at Kwalee), Alan Yeats (Technical Director at Pocket Sized Hands), Paula Lucas (Art Lead at Ant Workshop)

19:30 - A Level Design Fireside Chat: What it Takes to Become a Good Designer

In this panel Jonathon and Max will delve into the multifaceted nature of level design and discuss what they have learned throughout their careers. Talking about how level design has changed, some level design misconceptions, and how the responsibilities of a Level designer can differ from project to project and even studio to studio. Failing that, come listen to two designers nerd out about level design!


Jonathon Wilson (Freelance Designer, Currently a Senior Game Designer at UsTwo Games), Max Pears (Senior Level Designer at CDProjekt Red)

20:45 - How To Be A Games Developer

Leading industry experts from major studios discuss what jobs exist in games development, how you can end up working for some of the biggest games companies in the world, and how you can even go and do it yourself



22:00 - Martha is Dead Developer Walkthrough

VG247 and LKA give a sneak peek at this dark first-person psychological thriller.




17:00 - Rock Paper Shotgun Indie Showcase - Friday

Join RPS, the world’s best PC gaming website, as they showcase some of this year’s most anticipated indie releases and some gems you may have overlooked!

18:15 - Heal thyself - Taking Care of our own mental health when making games with mental health themes

Making games can be stressful. Making games based on your own experiences of anxiety, depression, bullying, isolation and/or any number of other mental health issues can take that stress to a whole new level! Game designers are increasingly harnessing the storytelling power of games to convey powerful narratives about mental health. We discuss with game-makers and mental health professionals how they look after themselves while confronting subject matter that can be both challenging and cathartic to work with. We’ll also touch on how to navigate the emotional highs and lows of making and releasing games in a way that fosters resilience and growth using examples from our own game-making careers.


Rachel Clancy (Founder, Tea Creature Studios), Federico Fasce (Course Leader of Independent Games; Playable Experience Design at Goldsmiths College London), Sachin Shah (Founding Member of Gaming the Mind)

19:30 - Esports: College and Career Insights

Stay Plugged IN (SPIN), a collegiate esports recruitment platform is hosting a collegiate and career insights panel at EGX. Perspectives from industry professionals, high school and collegiate coaches, and parents will be shared with participants in a discussion on the opportunities to attend college or pursue a career related to esports. Topics include the collegiate recruitment process, cultivating esports and the gaming lifestyle on campus, scholarship opportunities, competitive programs, and career development.

20:45 - The Creative Process Writing for Videogame Music

For this panel, please join Evilnoob from the VGM podcast DorkTunes speaking with Barry Topping (Paradise Killer), Niels Van Der Leest (Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West & more), and Julie Elven (Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft - Legion & more) to discuss just how they approach writing for games, and how they differ, and much more!


Evilnoob (Dorktunes), Barry Topping (Paradise Killer), Niels Van Der Leest (Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West & more)

22:00 - Outside Xbox

In time-honoured Rezzed tradition, Outside Xbox digs up the previously buried hatchet and partakes in another gloriously acrimonious bout of Indie scuffle simulator Gang Beasts. This time with 100% more murderous krakens by volume.


Jane Douglas, Andy Farrant & Mike Channell


12:00 - Rock Paper Shotgun Indie Showcase - Saturday

Join RPS, the world’s best PC gaming website, as they showcase some of this year’s most anticipated indie releases and some gems you may have overlooked!

13:15 - Burnout... from games?! What burnout is and what to do about it

We’ve all heard about burnout in the workplace, but can you experience something similar with a hobby you normally love? We're hearing more and more about gamers who become exhausted by games to the point that playing starts to feel like a chore, and continuing to play brings stress rather than enjoyment. Sachin Shah from Gaming the Mind (Twitter @gamingthemind), a charity dedicated to improving the mental health of gamers, leads a discussion on what burnout really is (it’s more than just fatigue!), whether burnout can apply to gaming, and how to manage it, or avoid it in the first place! Mental health Doctor Chun Chiang Sin Fai Lam discusses what he knows from researching and managing burnout, while Stephanie Minor (Twitter @dieharddragoon), editor at TheGamer, talks about how it feels to lose passion for games, and how to bring the fun back into gaming. Above all, it's about taking care of that really important thing--your mental health--while doing the things you love!


Sachin Shah (mental health doctor and member of Gaming the Mind), Stephanie Minor (editor at TheGamer), Chun Chiang Sin Fai Lam (mental health doctor and member of Gaming the Mind)

14:30 - Unconscious Bias and the Changing Face of gaming

A panel will hold a live Q&A session discussing why unconscious bias is hindering the growth of the gaming industry. Why representation is so crucial in breaking down barriers and bridging the ever-widening gap of representation in the gaming industry.


Annabel (Founder), Alan (Chief Researcher), Xen (Lead Illustrator), Laura (Digital Marketing Lead), Donavan (Creative Producer)

15:45 - From Guild to Kickstarter: A Beginner's Guide to Entering the World of Roleplaying Game Publication

Hi folks! I am Cam Day, the founder of Daylight Publications - author of Supers & Sorcery, Comets & Cockpits, Feyforged, Root & Twig, and Barrow Bound: Eberron! Back in 2019, I got started on the Dungeon Masters Guild and slowly began to build myself as a creator, learning from my friends and mentors there. In October of that year, I published my first book Voice of the Gods - a tie-in with the then big adventure Descent into Avernus - and I realized that this was super fun! However I stumbled a lot, so now I want to bring tips and tricks and guidance to other folks who might be considering getting into TTRPG publishing but don't know where to begin. We will start with talking about various platforms you can publish on and what they might offer in comparison to others, building your audience, managing social media, creating your brand, networking, and finally: publishing. At the end of this panel, you will have the outline of tools to be able to create and develop yourself into a new TTRPG creator. Additionally, you will gain access to the Daylight Publications Discord server, where you can playtest our titles, network with other creators, and even join our Mentorship Program!


Cameron Day (Found and Creator)


12:00 - Learning Throughout Esports

The growing popularity of esports across student populations is recognized as having the potential to be a powerfully engaging tool to reach a diverse array of students and create an inclusive, welcoming learning environment, enhancing students’ abilities to collaborate, solve real problems, and learn in meaningful ways. In education, esports is integrated with a games-based learning approach promoting 21st-century skills, college preparatory and career technical education (CTE) pathways, and prepares students for future-ready careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Students can even earn college scholarships by participating in esports potentially leading to degrees or certifications in several leading industries.


Danny Martin (CEO/CoFounder, Esposure Inc.), Josh Williams (Global University Esports Manager, GGTech), HB Duran (Freelance Esports Writer)

13:15 - Striking That Work/Life Balance - Game Dev London

It is vital to your ongoing health and well being that you strike a good work/life balance. It's something we're very keen on here at Game Dev London so we want to bring you our experience from different roles in the industry about what we do right and what we could do better. Hear from a freelancer, a studio owner, a manager, and a new hire about how we approach the subject


Stuart De Ville (Co-Founder, Game Dev London), Jade Leamcharaskul (Audio Producer, Silver Rain Games), Chris Payne (Co-Founder, Quantum Soup Studios), Melissa Chaplin (Consultant, Robot Teddy)

14:30 - The Aha! Moment: What Makes a Satisfying Puzzle?

From Portal to A Monster’s Expedition, puzzle games can elicit a wide range of feelings and emotions but none so strong as when you finally solve the puzzle that’s had you stumped. But how do the designers come up with these situations carefully crafting them to lead you to that powerful catharsis? Join a talented group of veteran puzzle designers for an hour of discussion about puzzle design testing refinement and ultimately releasing these puzzles and seeing how the world responds.


Syrenne McNulty (Freelance Producer), Alan Hazelden (Head Draknek, Draknek & Friends), Gwen Frey (Director, Chump Squad), Marcos Donnantuoni (Self), Arvi Teikari (CEO , Hempuli), Corey Martin (Director, Self)

3:45 PM - The Last 10%: Getting A Game Out Into The World

Have you ever tried to finish making a game? Turns out the last 10% can take as long as the first 90%, and it can take many forms. Host Chris Filip (Programme Manager at Creative England) interrogates 3 people who have gotten games out into the world, Adam Boyne (Director at BetaJester), Annie Grudeva (Creative Director at Perpetual Games), and Joel Auterson (Director at Bearwaves), about what is involved in that last 10%, how do you actually finish a game, and what happens when you try to get a game onto the platforms.


Chris Filip (Programme Manager at Creative England), Adam Boyne (Director at BetaJester), Annie Grudeva (Creative dierector at Perpetual Games), Joel Auterson (Director at Bearwaves).