4-6 April 2019
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Tabletop games 2019

A selection of brand new and classic tabletop games will be available to play at EGX Rezzed 2019 courtesy of Asmodee, the UK's and Europe’s leading retail distributor of hobby gaming products.

Take a break from the digital show floor and enjoy some analogue fun with your friends. Demonstrators from Asmodee will be on-hand to guide you meaning you don't have to waste time reading through a rule book. Here are the games heading to this year's event.

7 Wonders. As the leader of one of the great 7 cities of the ancient world, you must carefully gather resources, develop commercial routes, and affirm your military supremacy.

Bananagrams. Players use letter tiles to build ever-expanding grids of connecting words as they aim to be the first to use all of their tiles! It’s a fun, frantic race that will test your ability to think quickly.

Cobra Paw. You’ll need the reflexes and keen eye of a ninja cat to win this one! Players roll the dice to get a pair of coloured symbols and must quickly spot and grab the tile with the matching symbols. The first to claim six tiles wins – but stay alert, because tiles that you’ve already claimed can be snatched from under your nose if those symbols get rolled again!

Dobble. The best-selling game in the UK! Dobble is a card game of speedy observation that couldn’t be simpler – find the one matching image between two different cards. Features five exciting mini-games that will test your ability to spot it quickly!

Just One. Just One is a cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best clue to help your teammate.

KeyForge. In the chaotic clashes of KeyForge, you and your rival become Archons racing to unlock the power of the Crucible, hidden in Vaults that lie scattered across the planet. In these tactical contests of wits and will, you must discover the strength of your unique teams built from the creatures, technology, and talents of three of the Crucible’s seven Houses.

Magic Maze. Magic Maze is a real-time, cooperative game. Each player can control any hero in order to make that hero perform a very specific action, to which the other players do not have access: Move north, explore a new area, ride an escalator… All this requires rigorous cooperation between the players in order to succeed at moving the heroes prudently.

Maki Stack. Order’s up - it’s time for a sushi showdown! Put on your mask and grab your teammate, or prepare to use your fingers as chopsticks. Balance and arrange the sushi, plates, and soy sauce bottles, and make sure to execute the order exactly as shown on the card. But be careful, one wrong move and everything might tumble over! Race a friend or challenge as a team in this sushi stacking extravaganza.

Pandemic. As skilled members of a disease-fighting team, you must keep four deadly diseases at bay while discovering their cures. Travel the world, treat infections, and find cures. You must work as a team to succeed. The clock is ticking as outbreaks and epidemics fuel the spreading plagues. Can you find all four cures in time? The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Rory's Story Cubes. Roll the cubes, make a story – it’s that simple! The ultimate game of imagination and creativity sees players interpret the images on their dice to weave amazing tales together.

Splendor. In Splendor, you lead a merchant guild. Using tokens representing gemstones, you will acquire developments which produce new gems (bonuses). These bonuses reduce the cost of your purchases and attract noble patrons.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. The official Binding of Isaac multi player card game, about sacrifice, betrayal and hoarding.

Ticket to Ride: New York. Welcome to the ’60s! Admire the stunning view from the Empire State Building, the world’s tallest skyscraper, or take a walk through the magnificent Central Park. Go from Times Square to Brooklyn to do some sightseeing… and enjoy!

Tokyo Highway. In Tokyo Highway, players compete to place all of their cars on the road — but to do that they will first have to build the roadways!

Updated 8th March 2019