4-6 April 2019
Tobacco Dock,

Developer Sessions 2019

The Developer Sessions bring you face-to-face with world renowned game creators as they present their latest projects, take part in panel discussions and answer your questions. Most sessions will be live streamed on the EGX Twitch channel and will be available to watch later on the EGX YouTube channel.

Thursday 04th April

12pm: Total War: THREE KINGDOMS

Speaker: Michael Whelan (Author, Creative Assembly)

There you are – a legendary warrior and proven leader, destined to unify Ancient China. Nothing can stand in your way! That is, until your sworn brother defects to your nemesis, frustrated that you’ve named your step-son the next in line to lead. Meanwhile, that very step-son assassinates your Prime Minister, inciting a civil war and escaping with his mother back to the unknown foe who sent them to your ranks as spies years prior. This is Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, Creative Assembly’s upcoming strategy title. Learn more about the new and reimagined systems that make this one of the most complex, and personal, conflicts the studio has ever released.

1pm: Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents: Creating the comic book world of Void Bastards

Speakers: Ben Lee (Creative director, Blue Manchu), Cara Ellison (Narrative designer, Blue Manchu) & Katharine Castle (Hardware editor, RPS)

Void Bastards is a first-person "strategy shooter" about boarding, robbing and escaping from procedurally generated spaceships, inspired by System Shock and created by some of the developers of BioShock. In this talk, art director Ben Lee and writer Cara Ellison sit down with Rock Paper Shotgun to discuss how they're making the game's comic book universe, both artistically and narratively.

2pm: Character building from the Wild West to the Modern Dark Ages

Speakers: Konrad Czernik (Senior concept artist, Techland)

Take a peek at the character design process for Call of Juarez and Dying Light 2, with Techland's Konrad Czernik. From American antiheroes to hideous mutations, see how Techland finds character in unlikely places.

3pm: Developing Universal Space Station Inc. – A new game from a veteran developer

Speaker:Byron Atkinson-Jones

Learn exciting new details on the recently announced Universal Space Station Inc., a space station building game. Delve into the game’s themes of humanity and our ability to use technology to solve the problems we face. Byron Atkinson-Jones is a games industry veteran who has worked on a wealth of games from AAA to indie. His credits include Football Manager, NHL and Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty.

4pm: Anno 1800

Speaker: Bastian Thun (Anno community developer, Blue Byte)

Anno 1800 is the latest addition to the acclaimed Anno franchise and delivers a rich city-building experiences, including a story-based campaign, a highly customisable sandbox mode, and the classic Anno multiplayer experience. This new and exciting PC title is set during the industrial revolution, and combines innovative gameplay with beloved features drawn from 20 years of Anno history.

5pm: Eurogamer's 20th anniversary: The best games of the last 20 years

This year Eurogamer celebrates 20 years of bad puns and video game coverage! Come and join editor Oli Welsh and and a panel of guests as they state their cases for their favourite games of Eurogamer's lifetime - and help us decide which is the best of them all.

Friday 05th April

11am: Digital Foundry: How an engineering company attempted a gaming world record

Tech start-up Hadean partnered with CCP Games to deliver a 10,000-player deathmatch experience at GDC, breaking the world record for the most players involved in a single online battle. But how did they do it? Digital Foundry lifts the lid on the project, with a live Q&A panel giving EGX Rezzed audiences the first ever in-depth look at the record-breaking tech.

12pm: Dreams

Media Molecule's Dreams gives players the opportunity to express their imaginations through games, music, animation and more. Head to the team's developer session and discover the incredible creative possibilities of their upcoming title.

1pm: Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents: From Ignis to indie - Designing Final Fantasy XV & beyond

Speakers: Wan Hazmer (Co-founder, Metronomik), Daim Dziauddin (Co-founder & creative director, Metronomik) & Katharine Castle (Hardware editor, RPS)

Metronomik co-founders Wan Hazmer and Daim Dziauddin are interviewed live onstage by Rock, Paper, Shotgun's hardware editor, Katharine Castle. The pair discuss their experience of working on big budget games, Final Fantasy XV and Street Fighter V respectively, and how it's informed the development of Metronomik's debut title, No Straight Roads.

2pm: Developing Road to Guangdong – A new road trip game

Speakers: Alex Darby (Game design & programming ) & Yen Ooi (Writing & story design)

Join veteran game developer Alex Darby and insightful storyteller Yen Ooi as they explore the creative processes behind Road to Guangdong's development. Learn about the game's driving and management gameplay, and discover more about Sunny and Guu Ma's emotionally rich road trip across China.

3pm: Character death: More than just a plot device

Speakers: Armand Constantine (Narrative design manager, ArenaNet), Clayton Kisko (Game designer, ArenaNet) & Linsey Murdock (Game designer, ArenaNet)

Creating compelling non-player characters in video games is tricky enough – but killing them can be even harder. Giving characters a meaningful enough relationship to the player that their death has impact, without making people feel like the death was used as a cheap way to escalate drama, is a tricky line to walk. Join members of ArenaNet’s narrative and design teams to talk about lessons learned and strategies used in Guild Wars 2.

Saturday 06th April

12pm: Developing Daniel: How a new type of choice & consequence system affects your experience in Life is Strange 2

Speakers: Jean-Luc Cano (Lead Writer & Co-Creator) & Luc Baghadoust (Lead Producer)

Join Lead Writer and Co-Creator Jean-Luc Cano & Lead Producer Luc Baghadoust as they delve into the story so far, and how the intricate new choice & consequence system in Life is Strange 2 changes the way players have to think about their actions.

1pm: Nutshots & Nazis: The Sniper Elite story

Around 20 million players, and loved by fans across the world – but how did Sniper Elite get here? Rebellion devs look back at the series’ prodigious evolution in this retrospective panel, and look to what the future may hold for the sharpshooting series.

2pm: Sea of Thieves – The story continues

Join key Sea of Thieves representatives discussing the rich lore of the game and how that background detail is having an increasing impact on gameplay. Whilst the Expanded Universe grows through extrinsic media such as books and comics, the in-game world of Sea of Thieves continues to develop a life of its own.

3pm: Rock, Paper, Shotgun presents: The story of Hytale - Growing a game from a modding community

Speakers: Sean McCafferty (Content manager, Hypixel) & Chris Thursten (Publishing, Hypixel)

Sean McCafferty and Chris Thursten from Hypixel Studios explain how a modding community grew into a game development studio - and how Hypixel Studios' first game, Hytale, came to be. See the game's growth from early concepts to where it is now, and learn about the challenge of breaking new ground in the blockgame genre.

Updated 2nd April 2019