13-15 April 2018
Tobacco Dock,

Rezzed Sessions 2018

The Rezzed Sessions is our second stage, offering an approachable but in-depth look at how games are made and how to navigate the industry, through presentations and panel discussions from a series of experts covering all disciplines and skills. In recent years we've added live community events to the mix, enabling show guests to take part in podcasts and community meetups.

The drop-in sessions are open to all Rezzed attendees and all development-focused talks include open Q&A sessions for anybody looking to learn more about the games industry and game development.

The lineup is below, with more sessions to be added before the show doors open.

Friday 13th April

12.30: How getting funding from tax relief actually works

If you're making a game in the UK, you can get free funding through Tax Relief. Find out how from somebody who's done it: Lauren Presser of Glitchers, whose Sea Hero Quest VR has been nominated for a BAFTA . Hosted by the BFI's Julia Brown.

13.30: Disposable Universes And Games You Can't Quit: Six Strange Futures For AI In Games

When most people think about AI in games they think about boring Starcraft 2 bots and bad escort missions, but in this talk AI researcher and game designer Mike Cook shows us how cutting-edge ideas in games technology will change how we think about, make and play games forever. Learn about a procedurally generated town you can only visit once, the scary world of loot boxes that think, an AI that makes games live on Twitch, and more amazing tales about the future of games.

14.30: Sowing the Seeds of Discord: Building Weird Communities That Actually Work

Building and maintaining communities is hard work, but No More Robots' Mike Rose (Descenders, Not Tonight) has made a success of it before his games even shipped. Come along and find out how he did it and how you can too.

15.30 Rock Paper Shotgun presents: The Future of Play

Hernán Sáez (Dobotone) and Katy Marshall and Alex Johansson (Vaccination) join RPS to discuss their work making games which utilise custom controllers. What drives them to take up soldering, what possibilities lie within molded plastic, and what does the future of videogames look like when they break free from the limits of gamepads and touchscreens.

16.30: “Get Drake To Stream It” and other realistic tips for your indie PR campaign

With Steam already stuffed with excellent releases, PR has never been more important. But how can developers get their games to stand out? Get some expert tips from those who've been there and those who have helped: Charlene Lebrun (Player Two PR) Thomas Reisenegger and Paul Nadin (Future Friends Games) and Korina Abbott, (Kinetic Atom). Bring your best questions and get PR advice live!

Saturday 14th April

12.30: Implementing real-world politics in an MMO: Allowing for a ballot and a boycott in Seed

Klang's CEO, Mundi Vondi, will be introducing Seed, the studio's upcoming MMO simulation built on SpatialOS, and discussing how you'll be able to implement, customise, and revolt against real-world political structures for the MMO's persistent AI-driven settlements. The session will be both anarchy and totalitarianism in the UK - a bargain, we're sure you'll agree.

13.30: The Future of Game Narrative: New Ways To Tell Stories in Doctor Who Infinity

Storytelling in games is hard enough for veterans. How to make it accessible for others? Dr Who Infinity, from Tiny Rebel Games, is built around a new story-driven platform that enables writers and artists with no games industry experience to tell incredible new stories in the world of Doctor Who. Join Susan Cummings (Executive Producer, Tiny Rebel Games), Peter Hickman (Producer, BBC Studios), and George Mann (writer for Tiny Rebel Games, BBC Books, Titan Comics) in a conversation with Chris Dring (Publisher, GamesIndustry.Biz) about the creation of new Doctor Who adventures, which tightly intertwine comics, audio, and gameplay, creating an innovative and immersive experience for the Doctor Who fan.

14.30: The Making of... Night in the Woods

Join developer Alec Holowka (Infinite Fall) and publisher Adam Saltsman (Finji) for an open Q&A about the creation of the rad trash mammal adventure Night in the Woods, which has racked up multiple GotY awards, the IGF Seamus McNally Grand Prize, and a BAFTA nomination.

15.30: Digital Foundry Retro: The Old Days of Games Media

Following their successful debut at EGX Rezzed 2017, join the industry's wisest heads John Linneman and Richard Leadbetter for an in-depth look at how media of days gone covered platforms like the Megadrive, Dreamcast, PS1 and more.

16.30 The Crate & Crowbar: Live

Esteemed hosts of the Crate and Crowbar PC gaming podcast, Chris Thursten and Tom Francis, record this week's show live with special guests and a live audience. Join them to discuss the games of the show and the news of the week.

Sunday 15th April

11.00: Dishonored 2, Into the Breach and Heat Signature: Creating Systemic Games

AAA and indie developers alike are leveraging systemic approaches to game design to both empower players, and create compelling, emergent situations for them to deal with. Join Tom Francis (Heat Signature, Gunpoint) Matthew Davis (Into the Breach, FTL) and Steve Lee (Dishonored 2, Bioshock Infinite) for a discussion about what makes systemic games tick, the process of developing them, and the unique experiences they generate.

12.30: How to get your First Job in Games

Looking for a career change? Got a game design degree? Great - but you'll need more than that to land that first job. Find out what from Radical Forge's Bruce Slater, who'll be sharing advice on how to get your application in order and get your foot in the door.

13.30: What it's like developing games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's latest has been a goldmine for indie developers - but what's it like to develop for, and how can you get your game on the platform? Find out from Steve Filby (Dead Cells) Linn Sovig (Pode) and Richard Meredith (Bad North).

14.30: How to get into Game Journalism

Last year Vic Hood became Eurogamer's first news reporting intern, and has already gone on to a full-time games journalism career. Join her and the Eurogamer editorial team to find out how she did it, what she learned and how you can too ahead of the internship program opening again in 2018.



16.30: The Computer Game Show: Live

Join hosts David Turner, Mat Murray, James Farley, Jon Denton and Sean Bell for a live recording of the popular gaming podcast, covering the best of Rezzed and more besides.

For further updates to the speaking lineup on the Rezzed Sessions stage, download the EGX Rezzed 2018 app. It's available well before the event and carries complete listings of everything at the show - map, game locations, speaker schedule and the full rundown of what's happening and when.

Updated 13th April 2018