Developer Sessions 2018

The Developer Sessions bring you face-to-face with world renowned game creators as they present their latest projects, take part in panel discussions and answer your questions. All sessions will be live streamed on the EGX Twitch channel and will be available to watch later on the EGX YouTube channel.

Friday 13th April

12pm: Tim Schafer career chat. Double Fine's Tim Schafer, whose credits include the Monkey Island series, Full Throttle and Psychonauts, chats with Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh about his 30 year career in games.

4pm: Mavericks: Proving Grounds - Expanding the Battleground. Automaton’s James Thompson takes to the stage to show-off Mavericks: Proving Grounds, the groundbreaking MMO-shooter featuring an ambitious 400 player Battle Royale mode.

5pm: American Truck Simulator with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. The American and Euro Truck Simulator games are simultaneously intricately detailed sims for fans of big rigs, and chillout games for Sunday drivers who want beautiful scenery with the radio on. Hynek Svatoš and Ondřej Dufek from SCS Software join RPS on stage to talk about how they make games for both sets of players, and their ongoing efforts to model every American state and truck.

Saturday 14th April

1pm: Phoenix Point. X-Com creator Julian Gollop demonstrates new Turn-Based Tactical Game, Phoenix Point.

Sunday 15th April

1pm: Cultist Simulator: Apocalypse and Yearning. Alexis Kennedy, creative director of Fallen London and Sunless Sea, and ex-Bioware/Paradox/Telltale ronin, talks about making a game where you're the antagonist from a Lovecraftesque occult horror story.

Updated 9th March 2018