Tabletop Zone

Tabletop Games

Board games and chill

Much like the Retro Games zone, our Tabletop Games area offers all the nostalgia you could ever need. A slightly calmer area (apart from the occasional sob of a sore loser), this is the perfect place if you want to take a breather from the show floor, make new friends and play some awesome, screen-free games. This will be our biggest tabletop area yet, so make sure you check it out!

What’s there?

Feast your eyes on our classic fan favourites. Choose from Catan, Dungeons and Dragons, Haunted House on the Hill, Dobble and more. This unique area also features brand new tabletop games from some of the biggest vendors in the industry, so pull up a chair and get comfy!

You’ll also be able to chat with tabletop developers and publishers and seek out recommendations for games similar to your old favourites. Time flies in the Tabletop Games Zone, so make sure you leave a generous block in your EGX schedule to kick back and roll the dice. 

Find something you like?

No one likes the sad feeling of having to put a game back when it’s time to go, so why not treat yourself to one in our onsite shop? We’ve got all of the old classics plus the latest in tabletop games, so there’s something for everyone.