Retro Games Zone

Nostalgia, take the wheel…

Reunite with all your favourite pixelated pals from the past four decades! With shiny new machines and blockbuster titles stealing the limelight, let’s not forget how this all started. 

Who remembers running home from school to play Ecco the Dolphin? Or flashing up Mario Kart on the N64 and feeling the adrenaline hit as you cruise down Rainbow Road? From the original Call of Duty to Pac-Man, there’s something here for everyone.   

What’s it all about?

A celebration of the good old days! A long-time visitor favourite at EGX, the Retro Games Zone is an exclusive area where you can kick back and play some vintage games and arcade classics.

Does the Super Nintendo hold a special place in your heart? Or perhaps the original PlayStation?  Whichever old school gaming system takes your fancy, throw it back to days gone by as you solve quests and defeat the baddies with all your favourite characters. We’ll also have rarer machines at the ready, like the Vectrex and Amstrad GX4000, with loads of brilliant games you might never have played. 

Bring your friends or play solo, we’ve got all the consoles and controllers you need. Just pick your title and let the glorious sounds of chests opening, pinballs flying and plumbers jumping whizz you back in time. 

Hey, listen!

Why not let the rhythm take over and treat yourself (and everyone in earshot) to a session of Guitar Hero, Samba di Amigo or DJ Hero? It'll be loud, it'll be competitive, but most importantly, it’ll be a whole load of fun. 

Whether you're reliving your childhood or experiencing these games for the first time, the Retro Zone at EGX is a must-see, so don’t miss out on the action. Link, Master Chief and Sonic will be waiting.