Cosplay Central

Cosplayers, assemble...

EGX welcomes all levels of cosplayers, and over the years has seen stack loads of fantastic costumes and creations on the show floor. From Kingdom Hearts to Mortal Kombat, cosplay is a growing part of the EGX community, and we can’t wait to see what amazing characters 2022 will bring.

Take to the Stage

See your pop culture heroes come to life! Head to the stage for the Cosplay Showcase on Saturday and Sunday which will showcase the passion and creativity of cosplay.

The show will begin with a just for fun cosplay catwalk, open to cosplayers of all ages with hand made or bought costumes that want to strut their stuff in style, followed our competitive craftsmanship entries showing off their handmade creations of precision needlework and hot glue masterpieces for a chance of a prize. You won’t want to miss the truly impressive stage presentations from these incredible cosplayers!

Want to take part?

Sign up on the day before 1pm at Cosplay Central to take part in the non-competitive catwalk, or if you have a handmade costume and want to impress our judges in our cosplay competition you can sign up in advance online

Community Panels

If you’re looking to find tips on how to craft your dream costume, or if you just want to boost your existing skills, you’ll love our cosplay panels. You’ll receive expert advice from experienced cosplayers on how to create jaw-dropping costumes and props, as well as role play expertise that will raise your cosplay game to the next level. No need to book, just rock up! Our panel timetable will be available nearer the date, so watch this space.

Interested in working with Cosplay Central at EGX or want to share your expertise with the EGX Cosplay Community? Get in touch with the team at


Not at all, you can wear what you like! Join the sea of wigs and helmets or keep it casual in trainers and a hoody. You could even fish out that Captain America t-shirt you own that’s two sizes too small. We’re easy.

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun but we do need to keep everyone safe so there are some restrictions on props! Note in particular that metal blades (sharp or blunt), sharp items, working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden.