RPS's Future of Play

RPS’s Future of Play

Experience the new and experimental future of play at EGX 2022! These custom controllers and interfaces are pushing the boundaries of gaming and can be seen exclusively at the show.

A "game/art-generator" full of swirly patterns.

Oh wow what is this? Projection mapping and a game and physical artefacts and... okay, cool.

A very inconvenient pool table which curves upwards in one corner. I personally am hoping it'll be visited by hustlers pulling off outrageous trick shots.

Like Typing Of The Dead but typing morse code to direct forces in WW2?

Carefully growing a digital plant by controlling light

A two-player competitive game made with Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi, about brushing your teeth, weeing, playing guitar, and more as the controller many colour-coded buttons shift around.

A game played by using a keyboard as a tie, I assume as a serious sartorial study.