Carer Pass

We are excited to welcome you to EGX! EGX is for everyone, and we recognise that some people need extra assistance in order to enjoy the show.

We’ve updated our Carer Pass process with the help of experts at Nimbus – the pass is still available, but we’ve improved the process to ensure you get the support you need. We now offer a free Essential Companion (+1) pass to ticket holders who need the assistance of a carer whilst visiting the show. 

If you need a ticket for your Essential Companion, please follow the updated process below before purchasing your tickets:

Already have an Access Card or a valid EGX Access Registration with the +1 symbol? Go to STEP 2! 

STEP 1: Complete your MCM Access Registration via Nimbus 
Once approved you will receive your registration number. Remember to keep a close eye on your emails, including your junk folder for confirmation or any requests for further info.  

STEP 2: Link accounts and get an Essential Companion discount code 
Now you can use your Access Card ID or Access Registration number to link your account to MCM and receive a discount code for the Essential Companion ticket. Once you enter your details, you will automatically be shown a unique code that will allow you to purchase two tickets with a 50% discount when purchasing via ShowClix. 

STEP 3: Purchase tickets using the the coupon code
Select 2 tickets - one for yourself and one for your carer. Ensure these are the same ticket types so you and your carer can attend the show together. Any discrepancies may result in ticket cancellation and revocation of the carer pass.

Enter your unique coupon code in the "Have a coupon?" prompt on the second page of the checkout process. This code will apply a 50% discount to your order to ensure your carer attends free of charge.

STEP 4: Complete the checkout process
Ensure you see a confirmation page indicating your order has been successfully processed. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Important: You must complete the steps above to secure your tickets before arriving at the event. Ticket availability is not guaranteed, so please finalise your purchase as soon as possible to ensure you get your tickets.

We look forward to seeing you at EGX! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Carer Credential

Approved Carer Pass holders will receive an additional piece of documentation to show security and staff upon arrival. To pick up your carer pass, head to ExCeL west pyramid entrance (not queue hall!) and simply show staff or security this unique form printed, or on your phone for entry via the door to the right of the West Entrance Pyramid instead of the Queue Hall.

Special Assistance Stickers

Our special assistance stickers will help our staff and volunteers identify and assist anyone who might require additional support at our show. Sunflower lanyards are also available for those with a hidden disability. 

How do I get a sticker?

Anyone can request a special assistance sticker on-site from the Accessibility Check-In desk in the West Entrance. There’s an additional Accessibility desk in Queue Hall with a fast track entrance if required for those entering from the East Entrance, and if you’re not sure always ask a staff member who will be able to help.

How does the sticker system work?

The stickers allow access to special assistance lines for entry to the venue, special assistance queues for Main Stage panels, and additional support for autographing and photo ops. 

Who is Eligible?

Individuals who require a carer plus their carer, individuals with a visible disability plus a member of their group, individuals with a hidden disability plus a member of their group.

The Equality Act 2010, (EA2012 section 173) lays out that in relation to protecting the rights of disabled people accessing private hire transport, an Assistance dog means:​

  • (a) a dog which has been trained to guide a blind person;​
  • (b) a dog which has been trained to assist a deaf person;​
  • (c) a dog which has been trained by a prescribed charity to assist a disabled person who has a disability that consists of epilepsy or otherwise affects the person’s mobility, manual dexterity, physical coordination or ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects;​
  • (d) a dog of a prescribed category which has been trained to assist a disabled person who has a disability (other than one falling within paragraph (c)) of a prescribed kind.​

To be permitted entry we will accept ANY valid form of supporting documentation. ​

Support Animal

Support animals may be an animal of any species that provides companionship and comfort to individuals with psychological disorders. The use MUST be supported by a qualified physician, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional based upon a disability-related need. It is your right to request the support of your animal on a day-to-day basis, but the reasonableness of this request will be decided by the venue directly. ​

No other dogs or pets are permitted in the venue.

Security Team

Security members in White Hi-Vis have undergone additional training to help assist with accessibility needs. While Security is here to help if you encounter issues or would like to report any unwanted behaviour, please contact us on whatsapp at +447818 988748

Report Harassment

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, and this applies to all attendees including our fans, partners and staff. Download the app, tap the Anti-Harassment icon and follow the steps under Report Harassment to discreetly make the EGX team aware of any incidents. If you’re still in the area where the incident took place and it’s safe to stay where you are, our security team will meet you there. If necessary, we will contact local law enforcement, provide escort, offer a safe place or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to make sure they feel safe for the rest of EGX.

British Sign Language

A number of panels at EGX will be equipped with a BSL interpreter. You can see which panels are supported by a BSL interpreter on the app, or on the schedules displayed in front of each stage.


Lift control panels are located at a height which can be easily reached by someone in a wheelchair. All lifts have a visual indication of the floor reached and an intercom facility activated by an alarm button. Every area may be reached by lifts, with the exception of the second level of organisers’ offices.

All stairs and ramps are fitted with handrails and balustrades. All public corridors and passageways have a minimum clear width of 1200mm. All reception counters, bars and self-service counters and the seating areas are accessible to wheelchair users. Pictographic signs and symbols have been used to guide people around the building.

Self service equipment such as cash point machines and telephones are located at levels suitable to wheelchair users. Strong tactile differences in paving are provided to indicate hazardous areas, e.g. dock edge indicated by cobble stone surface.

Door vision panels giving a zone of visibility between 900mm and 500mm above floor level are provided on all public access doors.

Head towards ExCeL west on arrival and follow signs for queue hall via north lorryway. If you are collecting a carer pass, enter via the door to the right of the west entrance pyramid. If you’re travelling via Elizabeth line or DLR, alight at custom house. If you’re travelling via car, we’ll have an accessible entry point in the ExCeL undercroft parking area. Fans requiring extra assistance can also enter via the east entrance.

Yes! Head towards west side of ExCeL and follow signs for queue hall via the north lorryway where we’ll have a separate lane for anyone requiring special assistance when entering EGX. If you need help navigating queues or entrance procedures, please speak to our friendly staff and stewards on site who will help direct you to the best option.

EGX will have a special assistance seating area in photo & autographing so you can reserve your place in the queue without standing for long periods. For panels, our main stage will have a special assistance and all stages will have reserved seating. Reserved seating in panels is available on a first-come first-serve. Remember to request a special assistance sticker on-site from the Query Desk or West Entrance Carer Check-In to let our staff know you require assistance.

ExCeL London is able to provide wheelchairs and mobility scooters free of charge, however their supply is extremely limited.

ExCeL’s mobility scooters are free of charge to hire. They are subject to availability, so please use this link to select the dates and aid you need.

It is not usually possible to pre-book wheelchairs as they are available on a first come, first served basis. Because of this EGX recommends that if you require a wheelchair, you make private arrangements ahead of time.

For more info please email your enquiry to [email protected].

There are 155 bays suitable for disabled drivers on-site across ExCeL's car parks. These are wide bays with minimum dimensions of 5.9m by 3.6m. Access to the building from these bays is along walkways with a gradient of no more than 1:15 and via flat entrance lifts with automatic doors.

All public entrances allow for access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps and an automatic door. Once inside the venue, all floors are level, offering unobstructed access.

Please note EGX does not control pricing or availability for ExCeL parking.

We’ve updated our Carer Pass process with the help of experts at Nimbus. To ensure you get the support you need, we offer a free Essential Companion (+1) pass to ticket holders who need the assistance of a carer or companion whilst visiting the show.

If you order before 15 September, all your tickets will be delivered to your door. If you order after 15 September, you can bring your confirmation email QR code to collect all your tickets on entry to the show.

If you already purchased a ticket without using your Essential Companion discount code, we can refund your original ticket so that you can re-purchase and follow the new process set out by our friends at Nimbus. Get in touch with us at [email protected] 

Yes assistance dogs are welcome.

For panels, our main stage will have a special assistance queue and all stages will have reserved seating. Reserved seating in panels is available on a first-come first-serve. Remember to request a special assistance sticker on-site from the Query Desk or West Entrance Carer Check-In to let our staff know you require assistance.

There are 40 toilets for disabled visitors located throughout the building. You’ll find them near the Business Services centre, located on level 0 between hall entrance N4 and S4, the ICC conference suites on Level 3 and the restaurants and cafes on Level 1 and Level 2.


  • Between Halls:
  • N2/N3 
  • N3/N4 
  • N6/N7

Show Floor:

  • Back of N2, N3, N4 and N6 Floor 2 via Elevator
  • Back of S4 and S5 Floor 0 via Elevator
  • Platinum Suite Level 2


The Reset Room can be found at and N8 lower, and is a dedicated spot for you to rest, relax and reset. Whether you’re feeling anxious, overstimulated, or just need a moment by yourself, our Gaming the Mind volunteers will help you recharge and get back to enjoying the convention. They’ll be happy to have a chat, provide lo-fi activities to help you unwind, or even supply further information on managing your mental health. 

A quiet room can also be found at N1 lower – please note this room is not staffed.

We’re happy to help so you can focus on having the best weekend of the year. If you have questions on accessibility at ExCeL please contact [email protected] or get in touch with the EGX team at [email protected]