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31st August 2017

XCOM creatives Julian Gollop & Jake Solomon to take part in EGX panel session

Julian Gollop, the original creator of X-COM: UFO Defense, and Jake Solomon, creative director of the current XCOM series, will appear together during a very special panel session at EGX 2017.

In a session titled 'The Past, Present & Future of XCOM' the duo will be joined by Eurogamer's Chris Bratt to discuss the history of the iconic strategy franchise and the future of the genre. XCOM devotees will not want to miss this.

The session will take place at 5pm (BST) on Friday and those not at EGX will be able to catch the session live on Twitch and it'll be available to watch later on our YouTube channel.

This is the second session to feature Julian Gollop. Earlier the same day at 2pm (BST), attendees will be have the opportunity to watch the legendary designer present his new strategy game, Phoenix Point.

We're celebrating the tenth EGX event this year and plan to make it our best ever so why not join us at the NEC in Birmingham on the 21st to 24th September. Tickets are available to purchase here.

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