12 - 20 September 2020
Video game themed face masks you NEED to see
Video game themed face masks you NEED to see

What does Psycho Mantis, Handsome Jack, and Skull Kid have in common? They all look badass wearing masks!

As of the 24th July, it is now mandatory to wear a mask in all shops across the UK. We’ve gathered you here today to show you some of the coolest breathing hole protectors we could find, so you can make every trip to Tesco Express an undeniably stylish one. You’re welcome.

Let’s kick things off with this material masterpiece! Snag yourself the real-life version of Borderlands’ in-game character masks: Click here.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to keep their distance while also letting them know you’re a huge Star Wars fan at the same time? Well, this mask has your back. And your face. Click here.

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this! Get ready to level up your lockdown life and equip this video game themed mask, ideal for anyone who has spent the last few months on Fortnite, Overwatch, or even RuneScape... Click here.

Why not Pika-choose this delightful yellow number? If another shopper invades your 2-metre bubble, you can zap them with your Thunder Shock! Or just take a step back, whatever’s easiest. Click here.

There’s some strong Aku Aku vibes radiating from this colourful cover-up. Transform a mundane supermarket journey into a tropical island quest with this Tiki face mask. Click here.

Channel your inner Ryu and show the world how cool you really are with this official Street Fighter Hadouken face mask! Click here.

Cute pixelated hearts AND £2 from every mask goes to NHS Charities Together to support our healthcare superheroes! Practical fashion that feels good. Hell yeah. Click here.

Say ‘Halo’ to your pals from a government-approved distance in this awesome khaki mask. Nothing pledges your loyalty to Master Chief quite like plastering it across your face. Click here.

Does anyone remember Duck Hunt, the epic 8-bit beauty from our childhoods? Well, now you can decorate your face with this retro classic. How cool! Click here.

Covering your mouth doesn’t have to be boring. Upgrade your facial armour and step out into the wilderness in style. Click here.

Grab your player 2 and get ready to represent arguably the most loved duo in gaming history. Hit the streets as Mario and Luigi and be prepared for all the adoring looks. Click here for Mario and Click here for Luigi.

It’s Kirby eating a watermelon. Need we say any more? Click here.

Have you ever wished Animal Crossing could be real life? Us too. Bring Isabelle out from behind the screen with this adorable AC-themed face mask. Click here.

Look for the light. Keep your wits about you and prepare for survival with The Last Of Us Fireflies face mask. Click here.

Sometimes life gets in the way and we must tear ourselves away from Minecraft to venture outside. Let everyone know you’re AFK as you count the hours until you can return to gathering resources and blowing things up. Click here.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Zelda themed face mask. If you love the refreshing taste of Lon Lon Milk as much as we do, this is the Hylian facial garment for you. Click here.

And finally, the wild card. If you’re feeling adventurous, click here for a face mask so legendary that it deserves an element of surprise. Click here.

Take care, everyone!

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