12 - 20 September 2020
University of Portsmouth are heading to EGX
University of Portsmouth are heading to EGX

Beware! This is an old news item from EGX 2019.

We are delighted to announce University of Portsmouth will be heading to EGX and will give you the chance to get hands-on with Armoured Onslaught, 2D Volumetric Global Illumination Lighting Tech Demo, Shush!!! & Venison.

Armoured Onslaught

Armoured Onslaught is an explosive blend between Top-Down Shooter and Tower Defence. You will need to make use of both strategy and skill as you fight your way through near endless hordes of deadly foes.

2D Volumetric Global Illumination Lighting Tech Demo

A technical demo of a 2D lighting system that makes use of real-time global illumination techniques to produce dynamic and highly customisable volumetric lighting for 2D scenes. This was produced in part during the final year of a Computer Games Technology degree at the University of Portsmouth.


‘Shush!!!’ was created by the staff team during the University of Portsmouth 2019 Game Jam. Developed during the five-day game jam, Shush!!! gives players control of Isabel, a historian searching for the long lost manuscript of ‘Five Generations Hence’ in the abandoned and decrepit house of the late author and librarian, Lillian B. Horace. Players must navigate the house, find the manuscript, and escape while avoiding the lingering, foreboding presence of the erstwhile librarian. Be careful. Be quiet. Shush!!!


Venison is a Hunting and Ecology Simulator,. You are a Wildchild, a native to the forest with the objective to prolong the life of your environment.