12 - 20 September 2020
UKSM Speedrunning is coming to EGX Digital!
UKSM Speedrunning is coming to EGX Digital!

Introducing our first epic feature for EGX Digital: United Kingdom Speedrunning Marathon (UKSM)!

What is Speedrunning?

Do you love taking in the scenery when you’re playing a game? A big fan of studying all the dialogue from NPCs? Well, there’s no time for that with Speedrunning! Speedrunning is all about finishing levels the fastest, completing games in record timing, or challenging yourself by adding in custom rules and no glitches. Looking for fast, impressive fun? Speedrunning is where it’s at.

Speedrunning at EGX Digital

We’ve partnered with UKSM to bring you a digital version of the UK’s first annual charity Speedrunning marathon event. Last year at EGX, we saw players smashing through Tomb Raider, Spyro, Crash Team Racing, and more, and it’s seriously fun to watch. You’ll be able to tune in and discover the best Speedrunners the UK has to offer, breaking world records and powering through video games in lightning time, showcasing glitches, tips and tricks along the way. What’s more, it’s all in aid of an incredible charity, SpecialEffect!

Show us what you’ve got, Speedy Gonzales!

So do you think you can complete Sonic Adventure 2 the fastest or know how to perfectly execute the tricky shortcut in that one Mario Kart track? Then why not apply today and show us your skills! Applications are open today and you have until the 21st August to apply. Click here to apply.