20-23 Sept 2018
The NEC,


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10th July 2018

Top indies exhibiting at EGX 2018 thanks to the Pitch Development Programme

This year 8 of the best up-and-coming indie developers will be showcasing their latest games at EGX! These ambitious teams have all taken part in the Pitch Development Programme, a new offering from the UK Games Fund.

Throughout the summer each company has built a playable demo of their game, whilst also working on their pitch so that they can gather further support. All of the titles are still in-development, so as well as getting to play the games, players can share valuable feedback directly with the developers. Concluding this year's Pitch Development Programme, each of the companies will also have the opportunity to pitch to the UK Games Fund - where they could secure a grant of up to £25,000. Show your support and come along to play their games.

The games and their developers are as follow:

The Pitch Development Programmes is supported by UK Games Talent and Development (CIC) and funded by UK Government.

EGX, the UK's biggest games event, returns to the NEC in Birmingham on the 20th-23rd September. What are you waiting for, get your tickets now!

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