Royal Navy Careers are heading to EGX 2019
Royal Navy Careers are heading to EGX 2019

Beware! This is an old news item from EGX 2019.

We are delighted to welcome Royal Navy Careers to the Careers Fair at EGX. Make sure to check out their booth to experience this.

The Royal Navy has submarines deployed all over the world. As you read this, their highly trained crews are tracking aircraft, monitoring ships and supporting our fleet from deep below the surface. Our agile and adaptable Attack Submarines provide covert surveillance that keeps the seas safe for all, while Vanguard-class vessels carry the ballistic missile that are our nation’s nuclear deterrent.

Submariners are some of the Royal Navy’s most exceptional personnel. That’s because you don’t just need to know how to do your job. You also need to know how every bit of the boat works, from its cutting-edge sonar, to its propulsion systems. Why? Because living below the surface for up to three months at a time creates a unique community where everyone helps one another.

Discover your potential

Travel the world. Make friends for life. Develop skills you never knew you had. And go places you never imagined. Could you be made in the Royal Navy? Being in the Royal Navy means getting stuck in from the start, gaining qualifications you never thought possible, and getting paid for it from day one of training.

Training Like No Other

We need people with drive, determination and ambition, who have a can-do, think- on-your feet attitude. In return you’ll receive world-class training, as you build the career you want, whichever service and branch you choose. A career in the Royal Navy can take you as far as you want, and you can get further than you ever imagined. Ready to start your journey?

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