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14th September 2017

Rezzed Sessions to host Football Manager, Mike Bithell, Sniper Elite, Bill Roper and more!

This year's Rezzed Sessions lineup includes presentations on the development of Sniper Elite and Football Manager, and insight from Subsurface Circular's Mike Bithell, Production Line creator Cliff Harris, and Sunless Sea, Dragon Age and Telltale writer Alexis Kennedy.

Offering a deeper insight into game development, the Rezzed Sessions host presentations and panel discussions that give an insight into the industry for players and those looking to start, or advance, their game development career. Highlights this year include:

  • Mike Bithell discussing the success of smaller games as exemplified by Bithell Games' recent Subsurface Circular
  • Blizzard veteran and Improbable COO Bill Roper hosting a panel on the future of MMOs
  • A writing discussion with Alexis Kennedy, writer on Sunless Sea, Dragon Age, Telltale and Cultist Simulator
  • Positech Games founder and industry veteran Cliff Harris on how not to go bankrupt as an indie developer
  • Insight into esports from Bulkhead Interactive's Joe Brammer.
  • Oddworld Inhabitant's Lorne Lanning on his 20 years in game development
  • Rebellion Software on the making of Sniper Elite
  • How to make the perfect game announcement from No More Robots' Mike Rose
  • Sports Interactive's Grant Appleyard on the making of Football Manager

The current list of Rezzed Sessions is below, with further additions planned. Attendees should download the EGX App to see the full listing and receive notifications of updates or schedule changes. Tickets to EGX are still available for most days and can be purchased here.

Thursday 21st September

12.30 Getting your game noticed: lessons from indie publishers

13.30 Funding your game through Tax Relief
British Film Institute

2.30 Great Game Writing: Working on Sunless Sea, Dragon Age, Telltale & more
Alexis Kennedy (Fallen London, Sunless Sea, Cultist Simulator)

3.30 Breaking Rules and Making Worlds: the Future of the MMO
Bill Roper, Improbable (Hellgate: London, Warcraft 3) Andrew Smith, Spilt Milk (Tango Fiesta, Lazarus Project) Luke Williams, Boss Studios (Worlds Adrift) Oddur Snær Magnússon, Klang (Seed).

4.30 How to Announce a Videogame
Mike Rose, Nomorerobots

Friday 22nd September

11.30 A Conversation with Geralt of Rivia: Doug Cockle, voice of the Witcher

12.30 How To Be An Indie And Not Go Bankrupt
Cliff Harris, Positech Games (Production Line, Democracy, Gratuitous Space Battles)

1.30 The making of… Football Manager
Grant Appleyard, Sports Interactive

2.30 How Big Games Get Esports Wrong
Joe Brammer, Bulkhead Interactive (Batallion 1944)

3.30 Lessons from 20 Years of Game Development
Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants

4.30 What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You a Successful Indie Studio
Josh Bishop, Bright Rock Games (War for the Overworld)

5.30 AAA to Indie: A Horror & Tension Masterclass
Jon McKellan (Alien Isolation, Stories Untold)

Saturday 23rd September

12.30 Digital Foundry Retro: The Dreamcast Years
John Linneman & Rich Leadbetter

1.30 Small Games: The Next Big Thing
Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular)

2.30 Inside AAA: How Big Games Get Made
Simon Iwaniszak (Red Kite Games, Rockstar)

3.30 The Making Of… Sniper Elite
Rebellion Software

4.30 TBC

5.30 TBC

Sunday 24th September

12.30 From The Community: Unorthodox Roads To Gamedev Success
Juju Adams (Hyper Light Drifter)

1.30 How not to make an indie game
Nate Crowley

2.30 Secrets of Level Design: Creating An Understandable Space
Jonathon Wilson, Coatsink (Augmented Empire, Shu)

3.30 TBC

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