20-23 Sept 2018
The NEC,


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19th September 2018

Rezzed Sessions lineup includes Sea of Thieves, Counter-Strike, Hackmud and more!

The Rezzed Sessions stage is returning to EGX 2018 with a diverse range of speakers and sessions, offering a deeper insight into how games are made, and practical advice for developers and those seeking to take their first steps in making or marketing their own game.

This year the Rezzed Sessions have moved to their own room in the Atrium next to the show floor, giving a more secluded setting for show attendees to hear from, and ask questions, of veteran game developers.

The Rezzed Sessions stage runs for all four days of EGX 2018. Many ticket types are still available over on the tickets page.

Thursday 20th September

12.30 Selling Brexit: How 'Not Tonight' Proved Games Can Be Political After All. No More Robots' Not Tonight is a Papers Please-style challenge set in a post-Brexit dystopia - and it's proved a hit with players and the press. Join Mike Rose to find out how that happened and how politics can give your game the edge.

13.30 Getting Game Funding through Tax Relief This always-popular discussion with the BFI reveals how you can apply for funding through the government's tax relief for UK game creators, with first-hand insight from Bithell Games' Alexander Sliwinski.

14:30 Publishers speak: does your game need to be streamable? Now that games are instantly lost in the Steam store, indies are turning to Twitch for a shot of much-needed publicity. Is it a gold rush you can still join, or has the moment passed? Join a panel of indie publishers to find out.

15:30 Mastering User Generated Content: How To Make Huge Games With Tiny Teams. You don't a big team to have a big hit. Hear from Freejam Games' Andy Griffiths and Alex Mein about how they leveraged user generated content to become one of the 15 most installed games on Steam, and to find out how they're applying those lessons to their next game, CardLife.

16:30: Beyond Blue Planet II – How Do You Make A Game About Earth’s Last Uncharted Frontier? Take a dive into what led to the creation of Beyond Blue, the spiritual successor to the BAFTA-winning Never Alone, in this exclusive look behind the scenes of the collaboration between E-Line Media and the BBC’s Blue Planet II. Join Beyond Blue’s Creative Director Michael Angst and BBC Studios’ Head of Digital Entertainment & Games Bradley Crooks as they provide a look at the game and discuss the challenges of crafting an interactive experience of Earth’s last uncharted frontier.

17:30 Rock Paper Shotgun: Electronic Wireless Show Live (A podcast) Join the Rock Paper Shotgun team for a live recording of their popular podcast, running through the games at the show and the PC releases you shouldn't miss out on.

Friday 21st September

12:30 RuneScape: The Road to Harmony – from MIDI to Philharmonia When RuneScape launched in 2001, the MMO's music was produced entirely as MIDI files. Today, the game's score was recorded with an orchestra at Abbey Road. Later this year, the London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing the new score at RuneScape Live ahead of RuneFest in October. The game's composers join us on stage for a chat about their musical journey.

13:30 Don't plan: the secret to game dev survival Using her experience of company closures at Irrational Games and Gazillion, and her indie success with Switch hit The Flame In The Flood, developer Gwen Frey argues that it's better to not have a plan and instead to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves in indie development..

14:30 The impact of Counter-Strike's most popular maps: Dust & Dust2 They were created as a simple mod project, but de_dust and de_dust2 became some of the world's most popular multiplayer maps, memorised in pixel-perfect detail by millions of players worldwide. Their influence endures through to today's blockbuster shooters - join the original creator Dave Johnston for the story of how they came to be, and the shadow they left.

15:30 Genre And Genre: Thoughts on game genre, narrative genre, and rethinking both Jeff Spock, writer on the Endless series of strategy games for Amplitude, explains how to write for genre, and the difference between literary genre and game genre. How can narrative and theme shape level design? How can you avoid confusing players? A must-see for game writers of any experience.

16:30 Digital Foundry Retro: Making a Mega Drive Game in 2018. The Sega Mega Drive died nearly 30 years ago, but it got a new game in 2018: side-scrolling adventure Tanglewood. How and why would anybody ship a SEGA cartridge in the 21st century? Find out with Digital Foundry's retro expert John Linneman.

17:30 Lore and Disorder: Approaches to Multiplayer Storytelling in Hackmud. Writer Chris Thursten explains how the player-driven sandbox of indie MMO Hackmud has provided an opportunity to experiment with multiplayer storytelling - from weaving lore into puzzle design to encouraging players to think like historians (and what happens when they don't.)


12:30 40 Years of Game Development: From ZX Spectrum to Nintendo Switch . Industry stalwart Charles Cecil started out when this was all green text; he's just shipped his latest Broken Sword adventure on Nintendo Switch. Find out how the industry has changed, hear stories from the old days and get a view of the future for games in general and adventure games in particular.

13:30 Getting into Games Journalism Want to come to EGX for work instead of play? Find out how you can get started in the eternally competitive world of games media, with practical advice from our panel of fresh-faced starters and grizzled veterans.

14:30 Tales from the Creation of Sea of Thieves. Co-operative pirate sim Sea of Thieves has been a hit with players since its first beta, and is being steadily developed and expanded following its launch in March. Join the Rare team to find out how the game developed and where it's going next, with Craig Duncan, Studio Head; Joe Neate, Executive Producer; Shelley Preston, Senior Designer; Jon McFarlane, Community Video Manager and Mike Chapman, Design Director. The panel will be hosted by Chris Dring, Publisher of GamesIndustry.biz and host of the Rare Replayed podcast - and there will be some free pirate booty in the form of Sea of Thieves swag!

15:30: A deeper look at Hitman 2 with IO Interactive. Join IO's devs for an-depth look at the changes coming to Hitman 2, the highly-antiipated sequel to 2016's episodic hit.

16:30 Steam Wishlists: The secret to selling your game? With homepage traffic all but lost, Steam Wishlists have become a vital new tactic in getting your game in front of potential players. Find out why, how and what sort of difference it makes from Mode 7 Games' Paul Kilduff-Taylor.

17:30 Rock Paper Shotgun: Live. Join the RPS crew for a live podcast wrapping up the best PC games, sessions, speakers and news from the EGX 2018 show floor.


12:30 The trials and tribulations of designing asymmetric multiplayer. Award winning studio Triangular Pixels share their design journey creating fun sofa gameplay for Smash Hit Plunder on PlayStation VR. With single player, co-op, vs. multiplayer and all with both VR and TV gameplay - learn from their mistakes and discoveries. See how asymmetry gameplay affects development, how to implement and balance it, and take away with some ideas on how it can work for your game, and open questions to conclude to talk about anything about their games, VR, development or careers.

13:30 How to Better a Strategy Classic: The Making of Frozen Synapse 2. Mode 7 Games' strategy sequel finally shipped this year, two years later than planned. Find out how, why, and the lessons learned along the way from studio head Paul Kilduff-Taylor.

14:30 The Secrets of Videogame Voice Acting. How do you get your voice into a videogame? Get some insights and advice from veteran voicers Jay Britton and Amelia Tyler.

15:30 How VR is the Future of Education. VR has faltered in the games industry, but it could prove a permanent fixture in education. Find out how the classroom of the future might come with VR as standard from developer Bobby Greaney.

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