Mediatonic’s Non-Violent Game Design Panel
Mediatonic’s Non-Violent Game Design Panel

Join Mediatonic’s Fall Guys developers as they chat with's James Batchelor about the rise of non-violent games.

Battle-Royales thrive on a huge player-counts, but currently only target a very specific genre and player experience. Is there a demand for something lighthearted? How can they be designed to be full of rollicking fun without being repetitive, and what alternative gameplay loops can replace combat?

Head to the EGX Theatre on Saturday 19th October at 2 pm to hear from the team as they cover these questions and more, giving players a glimpse behind the game dev curtain and offering advice to developers who'd like to explore non-violent mechanics.

List of Panelist Names

- Jeff Tanton - Creative Director

- Joe Walsh - Senior Game Designer

- Amy Pearson - Lead Artist

- Rob Jackson - Lead Artist

The session will be live streamed on Twitch and available to watch later on the EGX YouTube channel.

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