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11th August 2017

Legendary game designer Julian Gollop to speak at EGX

Julian Gollop, the creator of Laser Squad and X-COM, will deliver a talk on his brand new strategy game, Phoenix Point, at EGX 2017.

Phoenix Point brings together turn based tactics and open world strategy in a fight for survival against a terrifying alien threat. The game has enjoyed huge crowdfunding success and is set for release in 2018.

In a session titled 'From Laser Squad to Phoenix Point: The Evolution of a Game Genre' Julian will explain the history behind the development of Laser Squad through X-COM and show how Phoenix Point evolves the genre further along with his ambitions for the game.

The session will take place at 2pm on Friday and those not at EGX will be able to catch the session live on Twitch and it'll be available to watch later on our YouTube channel.

We're celebrating the tenth EGX event this year and plan to make it our best ever so why not join us at the NEC in Birmingham on the 21st to 24th September. Tickets are available to purchase here.

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