20-23 Sept 2018
The NEC,


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10th July 2018

Have your say in the EGX Retro Games World Cup!

It's coming home! We're as surprised about it as you are, and driven by this sudden inspiration, we've put together a World Cup of our own.

As you are probably aware the Retro Zone at EGX is a beloved mainstay of the show, a vast area dedicated to gaming machines released over four decades. Get hands-on with rarer machines like the Vectrex and Amstrad GX4000 as well as bestsellers such as the Super Nintendo and original PlayStation. Each machine comes with a wealth of games to enjoy.

If you enjoy performing to a crowd we've got you covered, with setups for loads of your favourite rhythm games including Guitar Hero, Samba di Amigo and DJ Hero. You can also relive the 80s by getting hands-on with original arcade and pinball machines.

Whether you're reliving your childhood or experiencing these games for the first time, the Retro Zone at EGX is an essential destination during your visit.

To celebrate the fact that the Retro Zone will be bigger and better than ever this year, we've been running our Retro Games World Cup event, on Twitter and Facebook.

Starting with 32 legendary titles, we're aiming to find out your favourite retro game. Maybe we'll even have it at the show!

Results so far

To take part in our Retro Games World Cup, follow us on Facebook and Twitter - we'll be posting live votes until early next week.

And don't forget to grab your EGX ticket, so you can check out our huge retro area at the show this coming September!

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