Gravity Chase is playable at EGX
Gravity Chase is playable at EGX

We’re delighted to reveal Gravity Chase as the next playable game at EGX. This year’s event, taking place at London’s ExCeL on the 17th - 20th October, is an opportunity for you to get hands-on with this game.

It’s the year 2088 and the Gravity Chase race series is on. Transport and fighter craft have been converted to compete on Hyperloop circuits set in various themed locations.

Gravity Chase, the sequel to Velocity G, is a futuristic anti-gravity racer with a twist. Competition takes place on Hyperloop circuits, vacuum tunnel tracks that allow super-fast 360 degree Zero-G racing. Skill and precision piloting are required to follow the optimum line along with strategic use of pickups, powerups and weapons in order to progress through the race series.

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