Get involved in the EGX student game jam!
Get involved in the EGX student game jam!

EGX is returning to London this year, with the biggest gaming event in the UK happening at the ExCeL Centre 17-20 October. As part of the event this year we are also running a game jam, where student teams from around the UK will get the opportunity to practice their game-making skills, work together on a game project, rub shoulders with superstars of the gaming world, and present their jam game to the EGX audience!

The EGX Game Jam will be running from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, finishing at the last developer session of the day, where teams will get the opportunity to present what they have been working on, to the EGX crowd. After this, the teams will be encouraged to work on their games further, for the opportunity of presenting it at EGX 2020!

Each team will work with a studio partner who will help guide them through the game jam process. We will also have an awesome keynote speaker to get everyone inspired, and technical mentors on standby to help teams through those tricky problems. Lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided throughout the weekend.

To take part in the jam, you will need to apply with a team of 4-6 people from your University. Artists, sound designers, programmers, game designers, planners and managers - calling you! EGX welcomes teams with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds!

In order to apply, head over to our application from.

Applications close on the 15th of September at 11.59pm BST. We will let everyone know if they have been successful by the 18th of September.

Why should we take part?

EGX is one of the largest and leading gaming events and professional networks in the UK. Being part of the jam will be a great opportunity to meet more people within the industry and will help you build your professional network to take the first steps into making games after your degree. Who knows what game industry superstars might pop by?

Games industry professionals and technical mentors will be on hand to help you through the difficult parts, and taking part in game jams is well known to help focus your creative energy, learn new techniques and teamwork skills, and the short time frame helps practice how to scope and scale your game down into a manageable size.

After the jam you will present a short gameplay game play video of your game during the last developer session of the event, and be invited to give a short presentation about what you made and why, how to play the game, your inspirations etc.

Each team will then have the opportunity to work on their game further, with the chance of it being presented on the next EGX event showfloor in 2020!

If this sounds exciting to you, get your team together and head on over to the application from to apply to be part of the jam!

Good luck!