17 - 20 September 2020
ExCeL, London
First Games Industry Jobs Indie Development panel
First Games Industry Jobs Indie Development panel

Beware! This is an old news item from EGX 2019.

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Head to the EGX Theatre on Sunday 20th October at 2 pm to join Yen Ooi, Nils Jakrins, Arvydas Žemaitis and Tom Malinowski as they explore how they broke into the industry.

The four panellists, all with their first games industry projects supported by Excalibur Games, speak about how they broke into the industry, their experiences so far, their current game projects and what advice they would give to aspiring developers and others looking to get into the industry.


Yen Ooi – Road to Guangdong writer

A published author of sci-fi novels, Yen Ooi made her video game debut writing Road to Guangdong – a soulful and emotional story based road trip game. Yen is currently working on more content for Road to Guangdong, which is developing throughout Early Access and looking to launch in full on PC and Xbox One in Early 2020.

Nils Jakrins – Flashing Lights’ solo dev

A fan of games such as Grand Theft Auto, Nils has long wanted to make his own open-world game – but one where you play as the police, firefighters and medics. In 2018, Nils Jakrins fulfilled his dream by launching the popular Flashing Lights, a single-player and multiplayer emergency services simulator game. Developing rapidly throughout Steam Early Access, with an ever-growing passionate fanbase, Nils is committed to Flashing Lights.

Arvydas Žemaitis – Head Developer of the Shoppe Keep games

In 2015, Arvydas launched his debut indie game Shoppe Keep, a runaway hit shop management game. Since then, he has expanded the franchise, launching a VR spin-off, as well as a full-blown sequel. Arvydas’ next game is now in the works.

Tom Malinowski – Lead developer on Tracks – The Train Set Game

Tom was the sole developer on Tracks – The Train Set Game, an adorable toy train set builder. This was also his debut games industry project, which hits full release on PC and Xbox One in 2019.

EGX attendees will be able to catch the session at 2pm (BST) on Sunday 20th October. The session will be live streamed on Twitch and available to watch later on the EGX YouTube channel.

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