Experience games you can touch with Steamforged Games
Experience games you can touch with Steamforged Games

For the first time at EGX, Steamforged will be bringing board game versions of your favourite video games to the tabletop zone—from survival-horror hits like Resident Evil 2™ and Dark Souls™ to the charming fantasy world of Ni no Kuni™ II.

You’ll be able to see, experience and buy the latest games at the Steamforged booth:

-Ni no Kuni II™: The Board Game (available for pre-order)

-Resident Evil 2™: The Board Game

-Dark Souls™: The Board Game

-Dark Souls™: The Card Game

Steamforged will also be running demos throughout the show:

Build a colourful kingdom to stand against evil in Ni no Kuni™ II: The Board Game.

Or get ready to git gud as you take on monstrous bosses and hunt for treasure in Dark Souls™: The Board Game.

What is Steamforged Games, Anyway?

Founded by board game enthusiasts Rich Loxam and Mat Hart in 2014, Steamforged shot to success following the launch of the tabletop medieval football game, Guild Ball.

Since then, Steamforged has gone on to deliver tabletop reimaginings of popular video games like Devil May Cry 5™, as well as original games like Godtear. Currently in the works is Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game. Stay tuned!

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