7-10 October, 2021

EGX Digital – the biggest online gaming event!
EGX Digital – the biggest online gaming event!

Beware! This is an old news item from EGX 2020.

Get ready for the BIGGEST online game event!

We want to carry on giving our fans their video game fix, so we’re introducing our first-ever global digital extravaganza set to take place later this year. Introducing EGX Digital, a huge online gaming event where we’ll be joining forces with PAX Online to bring you around the clock, 24-hour video game content across the 3 continents!

What is EGX Digital?

From the 12th - 20th September 2020, EGX Digital will be the huge online show that celebrates the very best in gaming for 9 days of jam-packed video game fun. You can expect to see many of your favourite features from the show, including landmark sessions with developers, panels, playable games; Let's Play content with some of the biggest names in gaming; competitive gaming; hundreds of indie titles, Meets and Greets and much more.

Do you have to pay to get involved?

EGX Digital is free to everyone and offers an unmissable 9-day experience to make new friends and discover the latest from the global gaming community! Some parts of EGX Digital may require you to purchase a ticket. More information on this will be available soon!

How can I stay up to date with EGX Digital?

For the latest scoop on EGX Digital, make sure you’re following the official EGX social channels to catch all the important announcements! Also, why not sign up to our EGX Friday Newsletter to stay up to date with EGX Digital AND the awesome gaming community? If there’s a new game, DLC, trailer, or just something pretty funny, we’ll be talking about it. Sign up here.