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5th June 2017

Doctor Bell's Magical Mirrorless Picture Box lands at EGX

We're delighted to reveal that Doctor Bell will bring his Magical Mirrorless Picture Box to EGX for the very first time this September!

Doctor Bell is a fine steampunk gentleman that has learned to control pixies that enjoy transporting people places. Combining them and some wonderful hamster powered technology, Doctor Bell has managed to create his Magical Mirrorless Picture Box that allows him to transport people to brand new realms with a single click.

Transportations take place within minutes! All you need to do is visit Doctor Bell and enter the transportation area where he will guide you into a suitable position for the transportation. Once he presses the button on the Magical Mirrorless Picture Box, within a minute you will have been transported to numerous realms and can even purchase a copy of the transportations in various formats!

You'll be able to find Doctor Bell's Magical Mirrorless Picture Box close to the cosplay stage on all four days of EGX. You can find out more about Doctor Bell over on his facebook page.

Tickets for EGX 2017 are available now.

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