17 - 20 September 2020
ExCeL, London
Coiledspring Games are heading to EGX 2019
Coiledspring Games are heading to EGX 2019

Beware! This is an old news item from EGX 2019.

We're delighted to announce that Coiledspring Games, the UK’s exclusive distributor of some of the best games and puzzles on the planet is heading to the tabletop zone at EGX2019.

You will be able to get hands-on with some exciting new releases

Taverns of Tiefenthal:

In the village of Tiefenthal, you take the role of tavern host to attract new and wealthy guests. Which tavern expansion is best? Do you need more tables? A larger beer warehouse? Skilfully choose the dice to develop your personal deck and become as profitable as possible!


Dare to venture beyond Dragonwood! Collect sets of adventurer cards in order to roll dice, which you will use to explore the mystical lands of Dragonrealm. Claim the land’s treasure, but beware of meddling goblins, who pop up to snatch the spoils! Gather the most gold and become ruler of the realm!

MegaCity Oceania:

You are the next generation of architects who will create the MegaCity. Race to collect contracts, construct beautiful buildings and vie for awards as a unique MegaCity emerges each time you play. It’s a competitive business where prestige points are everything! Will your building remain tall when you float it to the centre?

Ishtar: (UK Pre-Release)

Play the role of a gardener aiming to transform the dry desert into the Lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon! To accomplish your mission, you must plant flowers to gather precious gems, buy trees to earn you points or purchase upgrades. Choose carefully and plan ahead to become the best gardener!

As well as Little Town, Kingdomino Duel, Photosynthesis, The Mind and many more! Pop on down to their stand to play some amazing games.

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