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13th September 2017

Addictive platformer Octahedron playable at EGX thanks to Square Enix Collective

Octahedron the vertical action adventure developed by Demimonde, will be available to play at next week's EGX thanks to Square Enix Collective.

With play focused around creating your own platforms, players ascend and try to escape from the strange subterranean world of Veetragoul, attracting the attention of and fighting back against peculiar enemies which are out to take you down.

Octahedron's psychedelic adventure has been turning heads at events for the last couple of years, bringing rhythm-synced action housed within handcrafted levels - all running at a smooth 60fps - to the attention of the eyes and ears at Square Enix Collective in the process.

Octahedron is the first Square Enix Collective to be revealed for this year's EGX. The full lineup of games will be announced this Friday and will form Square Enix Collective's biggest ever EGX stand.

This is the latest of many game reveals for EGX 2017, stay tuned for more announcements coming very soon. Follow us on twitter and facebook for the latest news.

We're celebrating the tenth EGX event this year and plan to make it our best ever so why not join us at the NEC in Birmingham on the 21st to 24th September. Tickets are available to purchase here.

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