17 - 20
October, 2019
ExCeL, London
UKSM Speedrunning

UKSM, the UK's first annual charity speedrunning marathon, will be making its way to EGX for the first time ever this year!

UKSM Speedrunning

What’s it all about?

Finishing levels the fastest, completing games in record timing or challenging yourself by adding in custom rules and no glitches. Speedrunning has become a popular way for players to showcase their skills in games or for people to watch how their favourite games are completed in a whole new way.

New for 2019!

The Speedrunning area is a new addition to EGX this year and we have partnered with UKSM to bring you EGX's first charity speedrunning marathon event. Watch the best Speedrunners the UK has to offer to try to break world records and finish video games as quickly as they can, showcasing incredible glitches and tricks along the way, all in aid of the charity SpecialEffect!

Watch this space for more info on schedules across the event in the coming weeks.

Think you are quick enough?

So do you think you can complete Super Meat Boy the fastest or know the best route to use to finish that one Mario level? Then why not apply today and show us what you got! Applications are open today and you have until the 1st of July to apply. Click here to apply