The EGX Theatre 2019

Our main theatre hosts fascinating panel sessions featuring world-renowned game creators.

The EGX Theatre 2019

Learn from the best

The sessions in our main theatre are a firm favourite at EGX, with presentations from big industry names drawing huge audiences to our purpose-built theatre.

What to expect

The EGX talks and panels are fast becoming known as the TedTalks of the games industry, giving you a unique opportunity to hear directly from some of the finest minds in the business.

Past events have featured world-renowned games creator guests from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, talking about their latest projects; sharing background information such as how they developed a certain concept; debating hot industry topics, and even dropping exclusive news from their label. It’s no wonder the sessions typically attracts a massive audience throughout the weekend!

Each session is unique but most last for 45 minutes and include an element of presentation, as well as an interactive panel discussion and Q&A elements. There are no stupid questions and all perspectives are welcome, so please come along and take part.

Arrive in plenty of time to bag a good seat.

See for yourself

Most sessions are live streamed on the EGX Twitch channel and later made available to watch on the EGX YouTube channel, meaning you can take a peek at some of the awesome sessions from the past here.

Who’s coming?

You can find the WIP schedule below. Check back regularly for updates!




Digital Foundry - Behind the scenes of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

John Linneman sits down with developer Playtonic to talk about the making of its new platformer, which delivers pristine 60fps visuals from Switch to Xbox One X.


Levelling up in games

Studying games is one thing but what happens once you graduate? Hear from industry professionals about opportunities within games industry. the do's and don't of portfolios and how to network.


Exploring entertainment in augmented reality

Augmented Reality is closer than you think. Join some of the most experienced developers and creators in augmented reality as they explore the next steps in entertainment and divulge the secrets of the future of AR!


Redefining the rules of adventure writing: How Beyond a Steel Sky is breaking new ground

Revolution Software founder and industry legend Charles Cecil will take to the stage to cast light on the 40 years of experience he has amassed writing adventure games, all culminating in the forthcoming launch of Beyond a Steel Sky. Charles will detail the many creative and technical challenges that are part and parcel of writing an adventure set in a unique world, populated by wilful characters driven by advanced AI that's designed to respond to – and be subverted by – the player’s actions.


Dying Light 2 – official gameplay reveal deep dive

Dive deeper into the world of the Modern Dark Ages as Tymon Smektała, Techland’s Lead Game Designer, breaks down the recently released, award winning, gameplay demo. Find out more about the setting, unprecedented freedom of movement, brutal combat and the huge impact your choices will have on the world around you, in the eagerly anticipated Dying Light 2.


Making Horace - Interview with Paul Helman

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson talks to Paul Helman one of the developer's behind Horace, the critically acclaimed platformer.


Cinedouken! - A massively multiplayer movie experience




Turning your passion into a profession: How to get a career in esports

Esports is an exciting fast-growing area within gaming that is offering new job opportunities all the time. In fact, the number of esports jobs in the UK posted on jobs board site Hitmarker has risen by 163% year-on-year. But what are these jobs, how can you get a career in esports and where should you start? This expert panel will talk about the opportunities in the esports space, what it takes to land a job and how you can find the right role for you. Panel: Michael ‘ODEE’ O’Dell, Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis, Mary Antieul, Morgan Ashurst & hosted by Dominic Sacco.


Under New Management: Two Point, Evil Genius 2, Autonauts & the resurgence of management sims

Join Ash Tregay & Rich Edwards from Rebellion's Evil Genius 2 team, Ben Huskins & Craig Laycock from Two Point Studios and Denki's Gary Penn as they chart the recent rise in popularity of management games, what's behind that resurgence and the changes in design necessary to appeal to a modern audience.


Bringing back the Battletoads

Join key members from the Battletoads development team as they discuss bringing back a much loved IP. Covering design, art and music, the team will delve into the journey so far and give a glimpse of what's still to come!


AI and games panel

AI and Games is a YouTube show that looks at the cool ways artificial intelligence is used in video game development and how games power scientific research too! Join Tommy - the soothing Scottish voice of the YouTube channel - as he hosts a panel of game developers, academics and more as they take your questions and chat about their favourite games, the cool science behind them or why even when it's rubbish, there's still love to be found!


Untold stories: How Life is Strange is opening our eyes to all walks of life

Using impactful interactive storytelling to put players into the shoes of a cast of diverse characters, Life is Strange allows us to experience slices of life rarely seen in video games. For years, films and books have tackled difficult and political themes and issues, but in this panel developer DONTNOD talks about how they've used the immersion of interactive storytelling to create and even alter young people's perception of the world at large. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend this session.


Let's build a next-gen console spec PC

Digital Foundry joins forces with Asus ROG to construct and test a powerful PC that closely matches the expected specs of next year's PS5 and Project Scarlett consoles. Just how much more power and performance do we get compared to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X? Once the testing is over, we'll be giving away the console to one lucky attendee!


DOOM Eternal: How to train like a DOOM Slayer

Professional wrestler and self-confessed videogames idiot Simon Miller hosts a series of physical and in-game challenges to see if you’ve got what it takes to become the all-powerful DOOM Slayer. Get yourself two tickets to this unmissable gun show. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend this session.



Outside Xbox & Outside Xtra embark on another Oxventure with long suffering Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini. Please note you must have an Oxventure ticket to attend this session.




Bethesda community quiz - The sequel

Comedian John Robertson hosts the second annual Bethesda community quiz following last year’s EGX smash hit. Now he’s back and testing your knowledge on 25 years of DOOM ripping and tearing. Raze hell and win some prizes.


Storytelling through music in games

This deep dive session on composing music for games focuses on the creative process and collaborative experience of composers and game directors bringing their unique stories to life through music. Ivor Novello & BAFTA nominated composer David Housden and Mark Backler, Founder of Sketchbook Games, will discuss creating the music for upcoming adventure game LOST WORDS: BEYOND THE PAGE, along with Rare duo Robin Beanland (Music Director) and Mike Chapman (Design Director) describing their collaboration on the story campaigns in SEA OF THIEVES. Chaired by Janesta Boudreau, music supervisor at Frontier Developments.


Non-violent game design

Join Mediatonic’s Fall Guys developers as they chat with's James Batchelor about the rise of non-violent games. Battle-Royales thrive on a huge player-counts, but currently only target a very specific genre and player experience. Is there a demand for something lighthearted? How can they be designed to be full of rollicking fun without being repetitive, and what alternative gameplay loops can replace combat? The team will cover these questions and more, giving players a glimpse behind the game dev curtain and offering advice to developers who'd like to explore non-violent mechanics. Panel: Jeff Tanton, Joe Walsh, Amy Pearson & Rob Jackson.


Play your way – Planet Zoo’s endless opportunities

Can you really put a price on happiness? Game director Piers Jackson, senior artist Lisa Bauwens, principle designer James Stimpson and Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Alice Liguori explore Franchise mode on a quest to make the world’s best zoo. Learn how to build a park, manage your staff and watch your animals flourish.


Marvel’s Avengers: Development insights with Crystal Dynamics

Get an insider’s perspective into Marvel’s Avengers straight from the game developers themselves! Join Virgin Media and development staff from Crystal Dynamics, including Head of Studio Scot Amos, as they give attendees all the latest news on the game, including panel exclusive content and insights. This is one panel you won’t want to miss!


Level design mysteries panel

In this panel we discuss the tips and tricks game developers and designers employ to craft the overall experience and interaction that players get when playing games. This panel will delve deep into the hidden patterns and dark corners of design to enlighten game designers of all levels. Panel: Jonathon Wilson (Hangar 13), Claire Morley (3-Fold Games) and other panellists (TBA) will answer questions from the audience, and from Mark Drew (CMD:Studio & Level Design Podcast) in a frank and in-depth discussion.


Introducing Legends of Runeterra, the brand new CCG from Riot Games!

Earlier this week, Riot Games announced Legends of Runeterra, a brand new strategy card game set in the League of Legends universe! On Saturday, Michael “Wheels” Whelan from board game channel Dicebreaker is joined on stage by developer Steve Rubin to talk about how Legends of Runeterra tries to shake up the genre. LoR is also playable on the show floor throughout EGX, so make sure you try it out and walk off with some exclusive swag, too!



Outside Xbox & Outside Xtra embark on another Oxventure with long suffering Dungeon Master Johnny Chiodini. Please note you must have an Oxventure ticket to attend this session.




Yoshinori Ono interview

Industry legend Yoshinori Ono sits down with Eurogamer's Martin Robinson to discuss his 25+ year career at Capcom and in particular his stewardship of the iconic Street Fighter franchise.


The Dark Room

You awake to find yourself in a dark room! Cult-hit, live-action, text-based adventure game The Dark Room comes to EGX for the first time. You, the audience, are trapped in an interactive, retro gaming nightmare; choose an option, find the way out, and escape The Dark Room! If you succeed, you’ll take home £1000... but if you fail YOU WILL DIE! For you are not alone in The Dark Room; the merciless overlord of improv, John Robertson, is here to guide you through an hour of expertly crafted chaos and anarchy. And in the end, eeeeeverybody plays!


First games industry jobs – Indie development

Four panellists, all with their first games supported by Excalibur Games, speak about how they broke into the industry, their experiences so far, their current projects and what advice they would give to aspiring developers and others looking to get into the industry. Panel: Yen Ooi (Road to Guandong), Nils Jakrins (Flashing Lights), Arvydas Žemaitis (Shoppe Keep) and Tom Malinowski (Tracks – The Train Set Game).


EGX student game jam 2019 results

Our teams have been hard at work making their games over the last few days and now they present them to the world!