Rezzed Zone

Enjoy the UK's largest collection of new and upcoming indie games and meet their creators.

Rezzed Zone

For the craft

Once again we’re devoting a sizeable chunk of EGX to our little brother show, EGX Rezzed, where the focus is firmly on bringing together the very best the indie community has to offer.

Forget the big names, this is all about independent developers and the games they’re proud to call homegrown.

What’s it all about?

Head to the Rezzed Zone to sample a huge variety of indie games (over 200 titles at last count), and chat to the talented developers behind them.

If you’ve been to EGX or Rezzed before, you’ll know to expect the unexpected. These little-known games are as individual as their makers, built to run on every conceivable platform with unique controllers (eight-way SNES anyone?), and storylines ranging from the quirky and niche to the downright obscure (we’re looking at you, PHOGS)!

A meeting of minds…

While you’re playing, you’ll get the benefit of having the developer at your side, showing you around, answer your questions, and even helping you understand how to get started with a game idea of your own.

Meanwhile, the developer you’re chatting to gets to find out which bits of their game you enjoyed the most, what you think about the overall look and feel, and what you’d tweak if you could. We know from past experience that visiting Indies take your opinions pretty seriously, and often invite EGXers to take part in beta testing after the show.

Who’s coming?

A flick through the Rezzed back catalogue brings back fond memories of Strange Brigade, Batallion 1944 and Square Enix Collective amongst many other gems. Watch this space to see who and what’s on the confirmed list for this year.

Anything else?

It wouldn’t be a gaming event without a smattering of free merch flying around. Show your support for the indie community and wear your haul around the show with pride.

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