Fringe Theatre

Returning to EGX this year with a schedule consisting entirely of panel sessions and live podcast recordings proposed and hosted by the EGX community.

Fringe Theatre

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Did you ever feel so strongly about something you wanted to tell anyone who’d listen? The EGX Fringe Theatre could be just what you’ve been looking for.

We know our fellow gamers are a passionate bunch, with ideas and insights well worth sharing. So last year we launched our Fringe Theatre, giving a live podcast platform to anyone from the gaming community who wanted to have their say.

Say what?

Say ANYTHING you like!

All Fringe Theatre content is 100% proposed and delivered by the EGX community which we think makes it pretty darn unique!

Last year saw panels and podcasts that discussed ”Disabilities and the games industry”, helped gamers with “Building a streaming community”, and even shared the love for Championship Manager 01/02 - “Out of a cereal box and into our hearts forever.”

From artificial intelligence and virtual reality through to unionisation and the rise of Indie developers, really, anything goes! Just tell us what you’re passionate about or share your unique experience of the industry.

Yours to share

Friends, family and followers who can’t get to EGX can tune in to watch the sessions live on our YouTube channel and, as a little thank you, all speakers leave with a professional recording of their podcast to share on their own channel as they please.

Applications are now closed

Thanks to everyone who submitted their panel idea and look out for Fringe theatre submissions opening for EGX Rezzed 2020 later in the year.

More of a spectator?

Great! Come along, support the panellists, learn something new, and help strengthen the gaming community while you’re at it.




How not to be a bad influence(r)

Influencer marketing is rife across all industries and the gaming industry is no exception. This panel will discuss top tips for both brands engaging influencers and influencers working with brands. The panel will also discuss the rules and regulations surrounding influencers and how to influence legally and responsibly.


GWU UK: Updates from the UK's first games industry union

Game Workers Unite UK is a branch of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain and the first trade union body in the UK made specifically for workers in the games industry. One year on from the last fringe theatre panel, members of the executive committee discuss the ins and outs of labour organising in tech, have a retrospective of the events leading to this moment, and discuss future plans.


How to be a confident streamer / YouTuber

Twitch! YouTube! Mixer! Clutch! There are more ways than ever to watch and be watched gaming. Our panel discusses what it takes to put yourself out there, handle the fans and the haters, and grow your audience, your confidence, and smashing your nerves.


Teenage anxiety and powering up

Guildford College has been working with a diverse range of students for over 75 years delivering everything from hairdressing to carpentry to computer games design. A brave group of students and their games art tutor have agreed to talk about anxiety, modern chaos and games as therapy and escapism.


Being queer in the games industry

When the games industry, the people who make them and the games themselves are becoming more diverse, especially in regards to how games tell queer stories and queer characters, what has the games industry done to help amplify the LGBTQIA community and the stories told in games or outreach? A panel of folks across a diverse range of roles within the industry and all identifying under the LGBTQIA umbrella get together to discuss what’s been done right, what’s been done wrong and being queer in the games industry.




No gear left behind: Accessibility in the Gears Of War franchise as a gamer without sight

SightlessKombat, Accessibility consultant and gamer without sight discusses his journey with the Gears Of War series. Starting out with a console review, all the way to the latest instalment in this iconic saga, there is one key focus: accessibility. Hear about the struggles, the trials and tribulations of co-op as well as the options that are making the latest entry in the series the most accessible one yet as a gamer without sight.


Girth Loinhammer's most exponential adventure

Experience Damon L. Wakes' exponentially branching interactive narrative live in the Fringe theatre! Girth Loinhammer has it all: a vast fortress, limitless power, and untold legions of goblin slaves. The one problem? Everybody thinks his evil lair is a sex dungeon. Whether he embarks on an epic quest to change his fortune or just sits at home moping all day, every choice you make will shape the story (and usually for the worse). Features over 500 alternate endings!


Self care and gaming

Sometimes gaming and looking after yourself are one and the same thing, and sometimes you're digging a hole of despair trying to clear that pixel perfect platforming section to 100% a game. Join Graham Johnson, arts wellbeing producer, in a discussion with Johnny Chiodini (Dicebreaker, creator of Eurogamer's Low Batteries, TEDx speaker), Ellen Rose (OutsideXtra) and Robin Bates (Coaching For Geeks) around when gaming has helped them through tough times, when gaming has given them a rough ride and general self care tips and tricks, all with the stunning live illustrations of B. Mure (Ismyre, Scriberia).


The Importance of Representation and the problem with unconscious bias

In this session the panel will hold a live Q&A session discussing why representation is so crucial in the gaming industry and how unconscious bias may be to blame.


Adventures in games UX/UI

Ever thought about how complex game design ideas are translated into fun, intuitive experiences, whilst also being easy to understand? We'll take you behind the scenes of UX and UI game development, how they play a big role in the decisions behind design choices and demystify what it means when developers say they “put the player first”. Featuring senior developers Fran Court (UI/UX designer, Splash Damage), Caitlin Goodale (Product Designer, Memrise) and Kate Killick (Game Designer, Mojiworks). Chaired by Nida Ahmad (UX Designer).


Adventures in interactive streaming – a developer’s tale

Join the team from Centrifuge (developers of interactive stream games including Rogue Drones, Zeitgeist and Interference) as they describe how their experience of adding interactive features to their existing games has led to an “interactivity first” game design for their latest title. They’ll also share tips and advice for developers and streamers about how best to utilise systems like Mixer’s MixPlay to increase audience engagement.




Cane and Rinse presents: EGX indie arcade super test 2019

The Super Test returns to EGX! Chris O’Regan and Paul Davies host a select group of gaming podcasters and special guests as they face off to become ‘EGX Super Test Champion 2019’. This year the challengers will compete across the greatest Indie Arcade hits to grace the last generation, before the final showdown on the infamous Mystery Game.


Mental health advocacy in video games

How do video games engage with mental health issues, and what could be done better? This panel will discuss their experiences playing, and making, games that address mental health topics. Featuring mental health advocates Vic Hood (games writer at TechRadar), Marina Díez (game designer & developer of PTSD and Consent), Rachel Clancy (developer of The Hero's Guide To Gardening; Sky Women in Tech Scholar), and Laura Kate Dale (author of Uncomfortable Labels; games writer at Chaired by Sachin Shah (mental health professional at Gaming the Mind).


The Computer Game Show LIVE

Join David, Sean, James and Mat for a special live version of the hit UK gaming podcast. They'll be covering all the sights and sounds of EGX, including the games they've played, the panels they've seen, answering your questions and more.


Videogame music and its rise in popularity

In this session, we discuss video game music (VGM), its huge rise in popularity in recent years, the adoption of VGM into the "mainstream", music production, and much more, including a Q & A session for the audience. The panel includes award winning composers such as The Flight (Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed Odyssey & Alien Isolation), Tess Tyler (Lego Marvel Avengers, Dead & Buried), Kenny Young(LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway and Astro Bot Rescue Mission) & David Garcia (Rime, Hellblade), and chaired by Noob from DorkTunes, an original podcast which focuses on VGM and composer interviews.


Community managers confidential

Join George Rule from Lucid Games, Bo Marit from Frontier Developments, and Robert Dale from Rebellion as they discuss perceptions and expectations surrounding the role of community manners in the games industry. Expect an introductory overview of the day-to-day tasks in the role along with unique challenges the three have faced and insider titbits that you might not have heard before.




Oculus and Epic Games: The morality of software exclusivity

Though 'Hardware Exclusivity' for the likes of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox are commonplace, this decade has introduced 'Software Exclusivity'. With storefronts like Steam, GOG, Uplay and Origin, PC games are split across multiple "launchers" and perhaps none have been more controversial than Epic Games' Store. VR players are even experiencing the same issue with Oculus' walled-off garden, and people are starting to take notice. So we've assembled a panel of gamers and game developers for an impartial, in-depth discussion on software exclusivity, the pros, cons and everything in-between.


Game dev as therapy - how and why I made an indie game while my son was in hospital

Last year my 3 year old son was rushed into hospital. Over the week we spent in multiple hospitals across the midlands, sleeping on fold out beds and trying to stay sane, I found positive, creative distraction in the form of indie dev. I’d like to share my experience of how creativity during crisis kept me going.


Building an inclusive local game dev community

Join Women Making Games as they discuss how they went about creating a thriving, inclusive local community in the North East.


Sword Idol - A game that never was

In a world not too dissimilar to our own a small indie studio created their breakout hit. This is the story of that game! Join us as our panel scramble to describe a game that doesn't exist, and to tell the stories behind its creation. The one thing we know for certain; the name is Sword Idol.


Speedrunning 101: Why we play games quick

Join some of the UK's best speedrunners as they delve deep into the reasons why playing video games at impossible speeds is so important to gamers and charity in the age of streaming.