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Your essential source of advice on starting a career in the games industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from experienced industry professionals representing a variety of roles.

Careers Bar

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You’re keen, talented and maybe even have a little industry experience under your belt. But what’s the next step? Our friendly Careers Bar advisors are here to point you in the right direction.

Who’s it for?

If you’re serious about a career in gaming, don’t miss the opportunity to swing by the EGX Careers Bar.

Taking place within the Career Fair area of EGX, the Careers Bar is manned, and womanned, by professionals representing roles from across the industry, all giving their time to support new talent in the industry they love.

Come here to talk CVs, courses, internships, work experience, freelancing, work-life balance or just find out about the day to day reality of working in the industry.

Before you head off

After your chat, consider hanging around to explore the rest of the Careers Area; the event is teeming with industry professionals, publishers looking for new recruits, and fellow gamers starting out who could become invaluable to your future network!

Calling all industry professionals!

If you’re a games industry professional with experience that could help a newcomer, why not give back to the community by offering your time at the Careers Bar. Please use the application form below to get in touch. Thank you!




BAFTA Crew Games: Making Games – First Things to Consider

With Bex Edmonson (Game Developer, Trailmix), Joel Auterson (Software Engineer at Improbable/Director at Bearwaves), Marina Díez (Game Designer, Freelance), Reece Banbury (Gameplay Programmer, Bossa Studios) and hosted by Jay Baylis (Director, Bytten Studio).


Creative Assembly: From character to animation

Join Baj Singh, Lead Character Artist, and Elliot Maren, Lead Animator, for this discussion on how a character goes from concept to model to animation, in Creative Assembly’s award-winning games. Hosted by CA’s Luke Johnson, who will be taking audience questions.


How to get started in Voice Acting

With JD Kelly.


Playground Games

Advice from Rosey Asquith, recruiter at Playground Games.


Types of producers in the games industry

With Nareice Wint from Lucid Games.


AIXR - Pursuing a career in XR




BAFTA Crew Games: Mysterious Careers to Consider

With Natalie Winter (Actor, VO/Stage Combat/Direction), Nele Steenput (Character Artist VR Games, Cooperative Innovations), Nida Ahmad (Games UX Designer), John Griffiths (Lead Environment Artist) and hosted by Liam Blunden (Experienced UI Artist, Pixel Toys).


Dare Academy: Winners Announcement

Dare Academy is an annual games design competition powered by Abertay University. 6 teams have made the final this year, join us to see who will be crowned winner and take home the main £5,000 prize.


Darren Melbourne: Antstream Arcade


Community Management: It's Not Rocket Science

With George Rule from Lucid Games.


I can't code, and I can't make art - how do I become a game dev?

A primer on how to build a skill set which games studios or publishers will find useful. With Sam Faulkner from Turbulenz.




BAFTA Crew Games: Routes into the Games Industry

With Amanda Blatch (Senior Artist, DR Studios), Adam Riches (Artist, Chucklefish), Laure De May (Programmer, ustwo Games), Ben Maltz-Jones (Social Media & Marketing Executive, Rebellion Developments) and hosted by Adam Boyne (Games Developer, BetaJester Ltd.).


Working In the Games Industry: Lessons learned from AAA, Indie and Mobile

Wih Kieran Nee from Mediatonic.


Level Design 101

With Oliver Walker from Just Add Water.


Nigel Twumasi - mayamada


Games Audio

With Jessica Kelly.


Getting On The Right Track: Everything you need to know about social and community management (including landing yourself that job)

With Jennifer Marshall from Codemasters.




BAFTA Crew Games: Crafting Levels – The Art of Design

With Christopher McGerr (Designer, Traveller’s Tales), Jacob Mills (Level Designer, Ubisoft Leamington), Tom Hughes (Games Designer, Supermassive Games), Jonathon Wilson (Level Designer, Hangar 13) and hosted by Rhianne Murphy (Narrative Designer, Sumo Digital).


Games PR 101

With Stefano Petrullo from Renaissance PR.


How to get my job running this Career Fair

With Charlotte Nangle from EGX.

Coming soon!


Canis Canem Edit? Accessing industry opportunities from School or College

With Brandon Cole from Big Creative Education.