17 - 20
October, 2019
ExCeL, London
Awesome Merch

Stop by our EGX merchandise area to browse through the biggest selection of EGX and gaming merchandise we've ever had!

Awesome Merch

Get the t-shirt

It wouldn’t be an expo without merch, and we have all the gaming clobber you could dream of, including plenty of limited runs and EGX exclusives, available for pre-order in September. Check back soon for more information.

What’s on offer?

This year, not only is the choice of merch fairly mind-boggling, but there’s also the option to pre-order your haul and collect it at the event – a first for EGX and a surefire way to guarantee you don’t miss out on your favourite commemorative piece.

Choose from a variety of exclusive EGX 2019 collections including EGX, Eurogamer, Outside Xbox and Rezzed, to name just a few.

Please note that many items from our exclusive collections are LIMITED RUNS so make sure you get your pre-order in quickly to avoid disappointment. Pre-orders are now available, please head over to our merch page today .

We would also like to thank Gabriel Silveira for his amazing illustration skills on our merch. Make sure to check out his website to see all the great work he has done.