20-23 Sept 2018
The NEC,

Fringe Theatre 2018

The EGX Fringe Theatre is a brand new theatre debuting at EGX 2018 with a schedule consisting entirely of panel sessions and live podcast recordings proposed and delivered by the EGX community.

In the Fringe Theatre you'll find an incredible range of gaming topics covered - artificial intelligence, streaming and video content creation, unionisation, virtual reality, indie development and so much more. There's plenty to discover, enjoy and debate and we hope you'll take part too.

Thursday 20th September

12pm-12.45pm: Reach for the cloud: scaling operations during tournaments Matija Tonejc, Head of Account Management at Make.TV, and Chris Müller, VP Editorial & Content at ESL Gaming, will talk about the challenges of delivering content during ESL One Cologne in 2017 and 2018. The session will help attendees understand how to use the cloud to acquire, curate, manage and deliver huge volumes of content for global audiences. During ESL One Cologne, online and linear viewership clocked in at over 62 million sessions with 13 million hours of live video content in 2017; while 31 million hours of live content online and on linear channels, adding up to 52 hours and 746,000 viewers, was managed in 2018.

1pm-1.45pm: The Beautiful Games: the rise and rise of football video games Football is Britain's national sport, so it's no surprise that it's also the focus of many beloved video games. The Beautiful Games panel will give you the chance to hear more about the biggest football video games around. We'll discuss with creators how their games have evolved into what they are today, find out how they interact with wider football culture and discuss what comes next for the genre. Panel lineup: George Osborn (Go Editorial), Miles Jacobson (Sports Interactive) and Carl Anka (Writer & Presenter).

2pm-2.45pm: Lessons from game development - If you build it, they will come [Spoiler: They won’t] Join the team from Centrifuge (makers of Interference and other casual games) as they discuss their gamedev journey over the last few years and share the incorrect assumptions and mistakes that they made along the way. Featuring panellists Nathan Beardmore, Berni Williams Sarah Ashton.

3pm-3.45pm: RGB lighting In games: True immersion or true gimmick? Can RGB lighting deliver a true immersive experience that meaningfully enhances the gaming experience? Or is it more or less a gimmick that is just for looks with no real benefit to the player? Come hear the answers to these questions and more at our panel featuring representatives from Razer, Philips, and Splash Damage. Listen as we discuss the evolution of RGB technology, how it impacts gaming, eSports, and smart home environments, why more users haven’t jumped on the RGB bandwagon, and what the future may hold for RGB lighting.

4pm-4.45pm: Nerd OD podcast Nerd OD is part of the NOD Network, a podcast network and community built by and for gamers, geeks and content creators. They'll be discussing all the latest and greatest games, from Overwatch to Shenmue and everything in between! A lucky few may even join them on stage for some games! Search 'Nerd OD' on social media or check out NerdOD.com for more.

Friday 21st September

12pm-12.45pm: Building a streaming community - the #DuckGames Mixer journey How we built our community and fostered a positive environment for viewers & creators to grow. An opportunity for Q&As with a young but well founded team stream on Mixer. Featuring Carina "RetroKrystal" Calvert, Bob "BobDuckNWeave" Bloomer, Ben "Banjo_Benji" Wheeler and Ross "OurPodFather" Miller.

1pm-1.45pm: Disabilities and the games industry What does it mean to have a disability in the industry? This panel will discuss how disabilities are viewed in the industry, the potential barriers for disabled people getting into the industry and how it effects the representation of disabilities and learning difficulties in the games we make.

2pm-2.45pm: AI and games We use artificial intelligence everywhere in our games these days: from Alien: Isolation's xenomorph to the procedurally-generated universe of No Man's Sky and the director of Left 4 Dead. AI for games is an amazing corner of game development that ranges between cutting-edge science and elaborate smoke n mirrors to cover up dumb and silly behaviours. Our panel of game devs, academics and journalists chat about their favourite AI in games - even when it is rubbish - and maybe even a little on how they work too!

3pm-3.45pm: Championship Manager 01/02 - Out of a cereal box and Into our hearts forever The game that refuses to die. The community is thriving despite the game becoming 17 years old this year. Legendary players, monthly challenges and fan updates have ensured that the community doesn't just survive, it grows! Come witness the best of Championship Manager 01/02 wonderkids and magic moments in this talk that may make you realise that you're not the only person to sign Maxim Tsigalko and dominate world football. Host: Jamie Robertson (@Lfcme)

4pm-4.45pm: Have big budget, AAA games become too formulaic? Sean Hunt, Peter Beckett & Harrison Hunt will discuss whether or not AAA gaming has lost its creativity and whether or not the biggest games in the industry are formulaic in design in order to maximise profit.

Saturday 22nd September

12pm-1.30pm: The Retro Asylum podcast live! The Retro Asylum will be hosting the first ever EGX Classic Gaming Super-Test 2018, pitting UK Podcasters and special guest Alex Verrey (Gamesworld’s Big Boy Barry) against each other across five classic video games.

2pm-2.45pm: Game Workers Unite UK: Plans for 2019 Members and supporters of Game Workers Unite UK discuss the progress of unionising the games industry thus far and what are the ambitions going forward. Come to hear about the fight for better worker conditions across the sector and how you can get involved in this process.

3pm-3.45pm: Creating popular content around niche games Full time Football Manager YouTubers lollujo and SecondYellowCard are joined by WeStreamFM Twitch team members NerdPhonic and FMDoop to discuss strategies for creating popular video content for games that sit outside the mainstream.

4pm-4.45pm: Honourable mentions - Celebrating gaming’s hidden gems We all know which games we’d put on a list of the greatest of all-time. But what about the ones that fall just outside our top ten? Join our panel of guests as they each discuss the games they believe are hidden gems, worthy of far more plaudits than they currently receive.

5pm-7pm: The Computer Game Show Drama, arguments and wholesome video game chat, it's The Computer Game Show. Watch a special live version of the UK gaming podcast where anything goes, and hear what David, Mat, James and Sean think about the games they've played at EGX and more.

Sunday 23rd September

12pm-12.45pm: Mature Gamer Podcast live! Join Kev, Steve, Pab and special guest Bouncy for MGPX 2018, the live edition of their hugely popular MGP podcast which has been topping iTunes since 2012.

1pm-1.45pm: Rebels Levels - Power of gaming & creation vs bullying Video games, content creation and the internet can have a transformative affect on an individual's life. In this panel two YouTubers will discuss how gaming and content creation affected them positively and provided a safe haven in the face of bullying.

2pm-2.45pm: The future of VR: Where, how and when will you play?Hear from VR industry professionals and gamers alike on the future of Virtual Reality in your home, in arcades and even in pubs! We discuss the best games, the latest innovations and common misconceptions in VR. Whether you’re an advocate or a sceptic, come along and discuss!

3pm-3.45pm: Influencers'Influencers' is a work-in-progress play by Alex Robins, an emerging writer from Plymouth, about social media, gaming and YouTube. He'll be sharing some extracts from the show, whilst interweaving it with his experiences as a gamer. An exploration of form, narrative and interactivity in media.

Updated 14th September 2018