20-23 Sept 2018
The NEC,

Cosplay 2018

The massive EGX cosplay stage runs on all four days of the event and features masquerades with fantastic prizes, workshops offering advice to those looking to improve their cosplay skills and stage presentations by expert cosplayers. A full schedule of events taken place on the cosplay stage will be available closer to the event.

The EGX Cosplay Championship - Saturday

The EGX Cosplay Championship (brought to you in association with Zonic Productions) is the UK gaming community’s largest cosplay competition promising an amazing showcase of impressive costumes and skits with prizes for the top three entrants.

Head here to find the rules and guidelines. If you have any questions please email us.

European Cosplay Gathering UK Preliminaries - Sunday

EGX will once again host the UK Preliminaries for the European Cosplay Gathering. ECG is one of the world’s most exciting cosplay contests, with cosplayers from all over Europe taking part in the finals at Japan Expo in Paris! Registration is now open, you can find the entry form here.

The rules for this year's ECG UK prelims can be found here.

Cosplay stage running order

Here's the schedule of talks, competitions and other events happening on the cosplay stage at EGX 2018. Please note this schedule is subject to change.


  • 11:00 Open photoshoot stage
  • 12:00 Cosplay planning guide
  • 12:30 Cosplay for beginners
  • 13:00 3D printing
  • 13:30 Competitive cosplay
  • 14:00 Leatherwork in cosplay
  • 15:00 Masquerade
  • 16:00 Posing for cosplay photography
  • 17:00 Results


  • 11:00 Open photoshoot stage
  • 12:00 Cosplay recycling
  • 12:30 Cosplay electronics
  • 13:00 Airbrushing techniques
  • 14:00 Cosplay for couples
  • 14:30 Logistics in cosplay - Transportation with ease
  • 15:00 Masquerade
  • 16:00 Beat the cosplay clock
  • 17:00 Results


  • 11:00 Open photoshoot stage
  • 12:00 Cosplay on a budget
  • 12:30 Cosplay shoe design
  • 13:00 Cosplay & stage preparation
  • 13:30 Cosplay & disability
  • 14:00 Cosplay is not consent
  • 14:30 Sewing pockets 101
  • 16:15 EGX Cosplay Championship
  • 17:00 Results


  • 11:00 My ECG experience
  • 12:00 Bringing cosplay to life
  • 13:00 Cosplay performance techniques
  • 13:30 Improving & customising bought costumes
  • 14:00 Cosplay from the organisers perspective - Competition prep guide
  • 15:00 Sewing and patterns 101
  • 16:00 EGX Cosplay Showcase & European Cosplay Gathering
  • 17:00 Results

Doctor Bell's Magical Mirrorless Picture Box

We're delighted to welcome back Doctor Bell and his Magical Mirrorless Picture Box to EGX!

Doctor Bell is a fine steampunk gentleman that has learned to control pixies that enjoy transporting people places. Combining them and some wonderful hamster powered technology, Doctor Bell has managed to create his Magical Mirrorless Picture Box that allows him to transport people to brand new realms with a single click.

Transportations take place within minutes! All you need to do is visit Doctor Bell and enter the transportation area where he will guide you into a suitable position for the transportation. Once he presses the button on the Magical Mirrorless Picture Box, within a minute you will have been transported to numerous realms and can even purchase a copy of the transportations in various formats!

You'll be able to find Doctor Bell's Magical Mirrorless Picture Box close to the cosplay stage.

Cosplay photos from EGX 2017

Updated 5th September 2018