14th September 2018

Rare to host Sea of Thieves panel at EGX 2018!

Legendary UK studio Rare will be appearing at EGX 2018, with a panel of its senior talent discussing the creation of its most recent hit, Sea of Thieves, on the Rezzed Sessions stage.

13th September 2018

Free EGX 2018 mobile guide available to download now!

This year's free mobile guide is now available to download within the EGX app (also free!). It includes lists of playable games, maps of the show, speaker schedules and loads more. If you're coming to EGX 2018 then the guide is essential to get the most from your visit.

13th September 2018

EGX teams up with CheckPoint & Gaming the Mind to create chill-out space at EGX 2018

EGX has partnered with CheckPoint and Gaming the Mind to create a chill-out space at EGX 2018.

12th September 2018

13 top indie titles for Nintendo Switch heading to EGX 2018

Nintendo is bringing a diverse range of playable indie titles to next week's EGX including Moonlighter, Windjammers and Wargroove.

12th September 2018

Five playable indie games heading to EGX courtesy of Game Drive

Game Drive is bringing five playable games to the Rezzed area of EGX. Read on to see which games have just been added to the line-up and head to the what's on page to see all the playable games that have been announced so far.

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